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A Lot Of Dogs Got High In 2013, But It's Not As Chill As You Potheads Think

Marijuana poisoning — which can be extremely dangerous for dogs — is on the rise, NBC News reports. Keep them away from your bong water, y'all.

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According to the Animal Poison Control Center there were 213 calls reporting high dogs in 2009, compared to 320 in 2013. There are probably a lot more marijuana poisonings in dogs that go unreported as well.

The episodes tend to be accidental, said Dr. Matt Booth of Boulder, Colorado, but even if some were deliberate, “and some ding-a-ling gave his dog marijuana,” they are unlikely to report it to the doctor due to animal cruelty laws.

Other examples include dogs eating the drug or plant materials like marijuana leaves, and the worst cases result from dogs getting ahold of their owner's edibles.


“They may become sedated, act drunk and wobbly, but about 25 percent go the other way. They become agitated, have high heart rates, they’re in distress. Most dogs become incontinent. They stagger around dribbling urine everywhere,” warns Dr. Wismer.



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