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    19 DIY Projects For When You're Stuck Inside For God Knows How Long

    Because you can't watch Netflix forever. Or maybe you can.

    Alison Caporimo / BuzzFeed

    Try one of these quickie crafts!

    1. Rope Coasters

    Because you'll need a place to put your drink while stuck indoors. Get the tutorial here.

    2. Pom Pom Fruit

    To go with the milk and eggs that your parents texted you about. Get the tutorial here.

    3. Metallic Dipped Taper Candles

    Super simple to make and lovely to light. Get the tutorial here.

    4. Decorative Picture Mat

    And something adorable in Benedict Cumberbatch's likeness to keep you warm. Get the tutorial here.

    5. Hug-Your-Hubby Pillow

    If your button-up-sporting significant other is stranded at the office, make a body pillow with their shirt and cuddle away. Get the tutorial here.

    6. Dirty Hair Sweatshirt

    If you want a shirt that gets your priorities, make this one with a stencil or just freehand it with a white paint pen. Get the tutorial here.

    7. Confetti Vase

    Because if the power goes out so will your SAD light, and you'll need a colorful pick-me-up. Get the tutorial here.

    8. Easy Embroidered Napkins

    You can make them while laying upon a pillowy berth. Get the tutorial here.

    Alison Caporimo / BuzzFeed

    Spend some time finishing one of these...

    9. Glitter Heart Pillow

    Because you shouldn't look drunker than your pillows. Get the tutorial here.

    10. Resolutions Calendar

    To count down the hours until you'll have to wear pants again. Get the tutorial here.

    11. Decorative Arrows

    Blick Art Materials
    Blick Art Materials

    Display a few on a wall or hunt boyfriends from your window. Get the tutorial here.

    12. Easy Art

    So you can go back to the office as a self-proclaimed artist. Get the tutorial here.

    13. Dip-Dye Placemats

    So that you don't have to clean your table for the duration that you're home. Get the tutorial here.

    14. Leather Yoga Mat Strap

    To carry your mat from the bedroom to the living room. Get the tutorial here.

    15. BFF Bracelets

    Because you've always wanted to make something for your friends while watching Friends. Get the tutorial here.

    16. Fishbone Crystal Bracelet

    To dress up sweatpants and a hair tie. Get the tutorial here.

    17. Handmade Leather Wallet

    Which you can successfully complete without getting up. Get the tutorial here.

    18. Marbled Phone Case

    To hide the cracks that cruel winter has inflicted upon it. Get the tutorial here.

    Alison Caporimo / BuzzFeed

    Hunker down with...

    19. A Goddamn Professional-Grade Blanket Fort

    Daniel Dalton / BuzzFeed

    Because — if all else fails — you'll need a place to sleep for all time. Get the tutorial here.

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