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    50 Gifts Your Trendy BFF Will Be Obsessed With

    Because they deserve all the hip things this holiday season ☆

    Hey! While we’re doing our best to make sure the products we feature will arrive in time for Christmas, shipping times are especially tricky this year and can vary depending on where you live, which product you purchase, and more. Shop early and be sure to double check the retailers’ websites for shipping information to ensure that your gift will arrive in time for the 25th!)

    1. An ALV Jewels star smiley necklace featuring the daintiest gold chain that will shine when stacked amongst their other fave necklaces.

    Star Smiley Necklace

    2. A The Mayfair Group Self Love Club crewneck in case they've been embracing the trendy loungewear movement. This minimalist embroidered crew is in the most stunning pinky mauve and can be paired with their matching grey shorts for a full on cozy 'fit.

    Self Love Club embroidered crewneck

    3. An oversized scarf because they'll need a way to stay warm and cozy but still look on point in their Instagram photos.

    4. A J.Hannah x MET mini nail polish set if they're super into art and would appreciate this curated collection of colors inspired by the "About Time" exhibit currently on display in the museum.

    5. A set of fairy lights to create their dream cozy oasis AKA blanket forts and hot chocolate movie night viewing parties.

    People using fairy lights during movie night

    6. A pair of fuzzy slippers because they'll need to keep their toesies warm around the house *but* stylishly.

    Person wears fuzzy slippers in pink

    7. A Studs chained pavé huggie so if they have multiple ear piercings they can pop this lil' cutie in and it'll sparkle and shine.

    Chained pavé huggie earring

    8. A Kate Spade taxi pendant necklace for the friend who dreams of living their best life in the Big Apple.

    Kate Spade Ma Cherie taxi mini pendant

    9. A pair of gold antler cocktail glasses because there's always one liquor snob in the friend group whose always ordering top-shelf vodka on the rocks with a wedge of lime.

    20K Gold Antler Cocktail Glass

    10. A pair of tie-dye sweatpants for keeping their loungewear game effortlessly fashionable.

    Person wears tie dye sweatpants

    11. A Crosley record player so they can enjoy a whole new music experience. Listening to some Harry Styles tunes and a glass of wine = heavenly.

    Crosley dove grey cruiser record player

    12. A rattan phone stand they'll immediately pop on their phone for a chic tech upgrade. This will give them a better grip on their phone and can also be used to prop it up on a flat surface for landscape video viewing.

    13. A The Daily Edited phone case that's chic and personalized so they can keep their gadget as trendy as their outfits.

    14. A Machete amber bangle to add to their proudly curated arm candy lineup.

    Machete bangles on wrist

    15. A pretty, iridescent AirPods case so they can differentiate their headphones case from everyone else's while keeping them protected from scratches and discoloration.

    Model holding white iridescent AirPods case

    16. A Charlotte Tilbury setting spray for weightlessly setting their makeup and extending the life of their makeup look. Featuring Japanese green tea, this airbrush, oil-free spray creates a strong but flexible shield to keep makeup looks fresher for longer.

    Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless setting spray

    17. A set of Hydrating sheet masks since they deserve some self-pampering and relaxation that won't break the bank.

    Set of 16 different face sheet masks

    18. A set of all-purpose wineglasses because you'll need a cohesive set when you crack open a bottle of wine and want to share the grapey goodness.

    Signature wine glasses

    19. And a Wine Wand so they can try out all the latest and greatest wines without the splitting headaches that can be caused from the histamines and sulfites commonly found in them.

    20. A Free People Jemma headband so unique it'll amp up any hairstyle. The faux leather croc-embossed print will go with every outfit they own.

    Model wears jemma headband in black

    21. A Biossance Shimmering Body Oil that shimmers and shines when applied, while also supplying moisture back into the skin. Gift them this in case the winter season is getting them down and they need something to give them that sun-kissed glow.

    Biossance shimmering body oil

    22. A FabFitFun subscription box with full-size premium products so basically their entire gift is curated and you don't even have to lift a finger. (And you know all the items are gonna be fab, hence the name.)

    FabFitFun subscription box

    23. A Kate Spade large slim cardholder to perfectly fit in their cross-body bag without taking up a bunch of unnecessary room. With seven credit card slots, this slim wallet can hold A LOT.

    24. A pair of slip-on mules if they're a shoe-aholic and can always use a business casual pair in their closet.

    25. A set of iron-on heart patches that are a solid dupe for Commes De Garçon they can place all over a denim backpack or jacket that's ~stylish af.~

    Set of 3 heart eye patches

    26. A zodiac neon sign if they're constantly checking their weekly horoscope on the Co-Star app and reposting every meme that pertains to their sun sign.

    Zodiac LED sign

    27. A pair of sherpa Converse Chuck Taylors because everything should be cozy this year, including their feet.

    Cozy Club Chuck Taylor Converse in ginger rose

    28. A pair of Athleta faux leather tights any fashionista will be obsessed with. These breathable, shiny bottoms will look fab paired with cute boots and a chunky sweater.

    Model wears Delancey Gleam Tight in black

    29. A Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask for providing a solution for dull and dry skin with vitamins, ceramides, and antioxidants. With a creamy consistency, this mask gives a deeply hydrating experience great for the winter season or any skin that needs some TLC.

    Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

    30. A Corkcicle Unicorn Magic Canteen because getting the necessary intake of water can also be done stylishly. Who said hydrating has to be boring? This bottle says it doesn't.

    Corkcicle Unicorn Magic Canteen

    31. A phone stand so they can watch their favorite TikToks or YouTube videos while they get ready for the day ~hands-free.~

    32. A Machete claw clip in a stunning tortoise checker print so they can forgo their scrunchies and opt for a more timeless hair accessory.

    Heirloom claw clips in tortoise checker

    33. A Carthartt beanie because they'll have you to thank when they pop this over second- or third-day hair while still looking cute.

    Person wears Carthartt beanie

    34. A Wolfsbane crewneck in case they're someone who practices witchcraft and wizardry in their spare time and are still waiting on their Hogwarts letter. This understated sweater is a great ode to Harry Potter without being over the top.

    Model wears Wolfsbane crewneck

    35. A Shop Boobie World scarf if they're as obsessed with Boobie's trendy Instagram as we are... (follow the trendiest pup on the 'Gram here).

    36. We Should All Be Mirandas — a must-have book so they can pause their Sex And The City rewatch binge and read this hilariously funny book written by the icons behind the Instagram account @everyoutfitonsatc.

    We Should All Be Mirandas book

    37. A Gisou Hair Perfume featuring a sweet honey scent that adds shine and smells AMAZING. The scent lingers and stays smelling sweet all throughout the day.

    Gisou Honey Infused Hair Perfume

    38. A Lisa Frank eyeshadow palette so they can relive the good old days (AKA the early 2000s) when they watched Hey Arnold and ate fruit by the foot.

    Lisa Frank palette

    39. A personalized smiley phone case featuring their initials they can show off in every mirror selfie they take from here on out.

    Person holds customized phone case in mirror photo

    40. A Nécessaire body serum since their skin could always use more pampering. This one supplies extra hydration wherever they need it, and is perfect for sensitive skin and suitable for normal, oily, dry, and combination skin types.

    Necessaire The Body Serum

    41. An Animalist modern pet poster that is an absolute work of art. Pick their pet from the wide variety of options that'll make a gorgeous print that even the MoMA would display.

    Animalist pet poster

    42. A floating wish dandelion necklace so they can always hold their hopes and dreams near to their heart in a subtle and minimalist way.

    Floating wish dandelion necklace

    43. A Glossier Core Lip Collection Set to simplify their lip routine (even for the most beginner of beginners). A balm for prepping, lipstick for color, and gloss for shine. ~BAM~ lip routine conquered.

    Glossier Core Lip Collection Set with mango balm dot com, clear lip gloss, and Generation G lipstick in Like

    44. A two-pack of scrunchies so they'll have a cute new hair accessory that'll also look trendy on their wrist. These are a fabulous alternative to regular hair ties that tend to tug and pull on hair.

    Model wears scrunchie in Oceanic Teal

    45. A Wild One modern dog carrier for the trendy pet parent who's always on the go. Their pup's personal 'Gram is also probably killer #TrendyPupsOfInstagram.

    Wild One modern dog carrier in tan

    46. A Ciate London x Miss Piggy Blush Palette to condense their need for an onslaught of products so they can stop buying a thousand blushes to match their changing complexion. This palette lets them mix and match the shades that'll suit them year round.

    Ciate London x Miss Piggy Collection blush palette

    47. A dainty necklace in case they're never fully dressed without a cute accessory and this simple necklace is the epitome of a cute accessory.

    the necklace with a gold chain

    48. A Chanel coffee table book to display on any side table that they can peruse through with a glass of champagne in hand. (It's what Coco would have wanted.)

    49. A Crabtree & Evelyn rose velvet body melt for indulging in a silky hydrating experience with notes of Italian lemon, rose, and vetiver.

    Person applies velvet body melt to legs

    50. And a Senreve Aria belt bag because sometimes friends deserve a splurge-worthy gift for just being the amazing friend they are. This bag is super versatile and will be a staple in their handbag collection.

    Senreve belt bag in brown

    Whatever Michael Scott says, goes. I don't make the rules, these gifts are just a slam dunk.

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