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    28 Small Things You Can Treat Yourself To If Today Just Hasn't Been Your Day

    It's ok if you've been having a not-so-great day — here are some things to gift yourself just because.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A massage ball for kneading out the knots and stressed muscle strain your body has been carrying around (because 2021 — duh).

    person holding massage ball

    2. A soothing eye pillow that you can chill in the fridge or heat up in the microwave for a relaxing compress. I love these for when I'm having headaches or just want something warm to cozy up with.

    variety of different patterned eye masks

    3. A set of affordable, wireless Bluetooth earbuds in case you're on the market for new headphones but can't fathom shelling out over $100 for them. These have sooooo many 5-star reviews (170,300+ to be exact) and they're waterproof and sweatproof. These earbuds are honestly sorcery if you ask me.

    Reviewer image of two black earbuds next to their charging case

    4. A pack of gold snail hydrogel eye patches designed to reduce the appearance of dark circles and to hydrate the under-eye area. *Puffy eyes, begone!*

    5. Lush, fuzzy slippers because not only does your entire wardrobe deserve to be luxuriously comfy, so do your feet.

    6. A Wreck This Journal if you need a safe space to get out your stress from the week. These feature fun prompts to get you started.

    7. A ball of "therapy dough" to replace that gross stress ball. Plus, this is way more fun and will give you something to fidget with if Zoom calls are gettin' ya down.

    8. A supportive bath pillow to rest your head and neck instead of having it uncomfortably against the porcelain ridge of your tub.

    a white bath pillow

    9. A mini house diffuser so you're able to fill your space with your favorite essential oil scents. Please tell me you also want to make an entire tiny village of these mini house diffusers...ugh, so cozy. * Pops in lavender essential oil and ~chills~ *

    Mini house diffusers

    10. A bag of shower steamers made with essential oils for a relaxing aromatic scent of eucalyptus and mint. Pop one of these on the floor of the shower and the warm water will dissolve them for a shower experience that's heavenly.

    11. A Smart Squeeze stress relief ball for any anxious moments you may need to get out of your system (because mental health is also self-care). This syncs up to an app that lets you see how much your grip is strengthening as well as a variety of exercises you can do.

    Smart Squeeze Stress Relief Ball

    12. A Sherpa blanket sweatshirt to loaf around the house in while you do absolutely nothing. ~Blissful if you ask me...~

    13. A Two Minute Mornings journal so even if you rolled out of the wrong side of the bed this morning, you can still try to get it started on a better note. It supplies you with gratitude prompts that you can easily complete as you drink your morning coffee.

    14. A set of Moon Globes you can leave in your fridge or freezer then break out when your skin is in need of some *chill time*. A must for anyone who is prone to puffy under-eyes.

    15. A Book of the Month Subscription in case you thrive on new books and would appreciate a brand spankin' new one delivered to your doorstep monthly. Just select from their top-rated selections, and they'll be sent to you month after month. It's the gift that keeps on giving and it'll keep you reading, reading, reading.

    16. And a book tracker bookmark so you can keep track of all of the new books you've made your way through thus far. 

    a person holding the bookmark
    British Book Art / Etsy

    British Book Art is based in the UK.

    Promising review: "Absolutely love my bookmark! So, so cute! Already made a start coloring in the books and writing the names on the spines!" —Chloe

    Get it from British Book Art on Etsy for $3.56.

    17. A pack of Dermal Korea Collagen Sheet Masks in case your nighttime routine consists of some solid me-time. Apply your mask and snuggle up with your new read.

    18. A bottle of Dr. Teal's "Soothe and Sleep" Foaming Bath if you're in desperate need of some R&R. Pour some as you fill the tub, then slide into a restful soak.

    19. Nail wraps if you'd like to pamper yourself with a new mani but don't feel like attempting to paint them. Plus these nail wraps are so incredibly nostalgic, everyone will compliment your new mani.

    20. An array of fuzzy socks so your toesies can get in on the cozy action too.

    rainbow fuzzy socks

    21. A coloring book if you want to give watching Netflix a break and opt for something that'll keep you busy.

    22. A Pusheen cross-stitch kit that's sure to be your new hobby whenever your mind starts to go to an anxious place. Whip out the cross-stitch and get craftin'.

    23. A teensy retro-inspired Bluetooth speaker in case one of the only things that can cheer you up is blasting holiday music and enjoying a cup of hot cocoa. This speaker will make your music listening experience all the more fun.

    24. A super-cute bear mug you'll be beary happy you have when the desire for a cup of coffee or tea strikes.

    the bear mug filled with coffee on a counter in front of a lamp with a computer next to it

    25. A mini donut maker so after a long day, you can look forward to baking up some of your fave sweet treats. Dunkin' who!?

    the mini donut maker on a counter with a pan full of mini chocolate donuts in front of it cover in nuts and powdered sugar and all the ingredients on the counter behind the pan

    26. A gift assortment of Popbar hot chocolate sticks that Buddy the Elf would surely go crazy for. I mean who wouldn't? Just look at how ~yummy~ they are.

    the Popbar hot chocolate sticks

    27. Or some peppermint syrup to add to your coffee if hot cocoa isn't your thing. Not only will you save money on those expensive holiday drinks but you can have them anytime you want from the comfort of your own home.

    28. A face wash foamer because why not make your nighttime skincare routine all the more fun with this nifty device. Pop your cleanser in and pump away for the frothiest foam ever.

    The pink container with a pump top to fluff the cleanser and foamed up cleanser all around it

    And listen, bad days are temporary. Feel better. ♡