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    25 Of The Best Gifts For Teens You Can Get At Walmart

    You'll be a gift-giving pro for those hard to please teens this holiday season, don't you worry (you got this).

    1. A Nintendo Switch Lite bundle so the avid gamer can finally leave the house (and their trusty gaming console) and bring it with them instead. Perfect for road trips and keeping them busy during long travel adventures.

    2. A Fortnite Monopoly board game that any video game-obsessed teen would be stoked to receive.

    3. A Chloe perfume to gift any teen ~queen~ who can never have enough beauty products. This scent is so light and fresh you'll want to steal it for yourself.

    4. A LEGO Architecture London set that is as detailed as the incredible city itself. It even features the famous London Eye ferris wheel and the Tower Bridge that actually opens!

    5. A Julep nail polish set in case you're shopping for a teen who changes their nail color like the weather. There are 12 different polishes in this set so they can change their manicure everyday if they wish!

    6. A pair of noise cancelling Beats Pro headphones for the music connoisseur who deserves a full-on immersive listening experience that they can't get with their basic headphones.

    7. A What Do You Meme? Mean Girls extension pack so anyone who already owns the game can celebrate their love for ~The Plastics~. You can obvi sit with us if you bring this extension pack over at the next game night.

    8. A Madden NFL 20 video game that will be a ~touchdown~ for every athlete who owns a PlayStation 4.

    9. An UNO BTS card game — a necessity for any K-Pop fan whose obsessed with the boyband.

    10. A Victrola Bluetooth record player so the music lover can collect and play all of their favorite vinyl ~OR~ even play music from their phone through the turntable!

    11. An Android tablet with a keyboard case — a solid choice for the tech savvy teen who loves Netflix, reading, or gaming (OR all three)!

    12. A face mask palette any teen who is passionate about pampering can utilize down to the last mask.

    13. The complete DVD set of The Office so they can relive their favorite TV show again and again. Anyone know if Dunder Mifflin is hiring?!

    14. A Fitbit tracker for the teen who's into fitness and wants to qualify for the next Olympics. It's also waterproof for your fav swimmer *AND* can sync up to their smartphone!

    15. An Oreo Milkshake set so any sweets lover can concoct this frozen dessert drink at home! It also comes with reusable mugs and straws (sustainable and yummy!)

    16. A Fujifilm polaroid camera to gift someone who spends a ton of time taking photos. The polaroid pictures have such a fun vintage feel and are also great for scrapbooking!

    17. A Google Smart TV kit where they can watch and access all of their favorite streaming services like YouTube, Netflix, and Hulu!

    18. An Old Spice Fiji gift pack that smells like an island vacation and honestly, who doesn't want that!? (Confession: I actually use this scent myself for workouts and I love it!) It's perfect for anyone.

    19. A *customizable* backlit keyboard for anyone who lives on their computer. It's spill resistant (no more coffee or water spills) and is compatible with Xbox One. You're able to program the coloring of the keyboard however you want! #SCORE

    20. A kawaii toast ambient light for adding a nighttime glow to your teen's bedroom. Is this not the cutest thing you've ever seen!?

    21. A bath bomb set in case they love unwinding in the bath with a good book or their favorite magazine.

    22. A POP! Funko Harry Potter game set that's sure to be a hit with the witches and wizards who dream of going to Hogwarts.

    23. A 3-in-1 sports center for any basketball, baseball, or football lover to enjoy indoors. This foldable arcade-like gaming center is fun for the whole family.

    24. A mini Kodak wireless photo printer that connects to smartphones so they can print out their favorite Instagram photos instantly.

    25. And a Nestle Toll House S'MOREtastic gift set because pretty much ~everyone~ loves s'mores and the reusable skillet included can be used for skillet cookies after! (A win-win if you ask us.)

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