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    28 Awesome Things You Probably Won't Regret Buying Today

    I want all of them.

    1. An egg timer that'll ensure your oeufs are cooked to perfection every time. It has a marker that'll change colour as your breakfast cooks, so you'll never be surprised by the state of your yolk.

    An egg timer in a pot with four eggs.

    2. A Powerpuff Girls-themed enamel pin that'll make your feel just as fierce as everyone's favourite crime-fighting trio. It'll instantly add a bit of girl power to your jean jacket or backpack.

    A Powerpuff Girls pin on a jean jacket

    3. A cushy car seat belt pad that'll make your commute more comfortable. If your seatbelt always jabs into your neck or causes chafing when you're rocking a tank top, you probably need this in your life.

    The seat belt cover attached to a seat belt

    4. A pair of performance thumbsticks for your gaming controller that'll give you increased accuracy and a better grip on your device. Reviewers say they make their controller more comfortable, and are awesome for shooter and racing games.

    A person holding the camo controller with textured performance grips on it

    5. This Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask that fizzes up to gently massage the gross stuff out of your pores. You can actually feel the oil leaving your skin, which I'm pretty sure is something that all acne-afflicted people want to experience.

    6. A Schitt's Creek-themed mug that features everyone's favourite sassy and classy matriarch, Moira Rose.

    A cartoon of Moira Rose saying, "I'd kill for a good coma right now"

    7. A roll of reusable bamboo sheets that are stronger and more absorbent than your typical paper towels. They're soft enough to wipe your face with, so you can use them in place of washcloths, too.

    A person putting a bamboo wipe into their washing machine

    8. An adjustable satin sleep mask that'll block out every little bit of light so you can sleep long after the sun comes up. Great for hangovers, car rides, and days when you just wanna stay in bed forever.

    A person sleeping with the mask on their face

    9. A silicone ice cube tray that'll craft skull-shaped cubes and make your chilled beverages look cooler than ever. Reviewers reccommend using filtered water to ensure your cubes come out crystal clear (they'll be a little on the foggy side with tap water).

    10. A DIY monster kit, so you can create your own scary stuffed buddy. It comes with everything you need (including a needle and thread), so you won't need to have a full-blown sewing station in your house.

    11. A tube of Shoo Goo to repair your busted sneaks and make them good as new. Reviewers love that it's completely waterproof and transparent, so it won't ruin the look of your shoes.

    A person putting Shoe Goo on their broken shoe

    12. A plastic baking knife that can be used on nonstick material, so you won't mess up your bakeware to get that perfect slice of cake. One reviewer says it's strong enough to cut through apples, so it'll work with even your densest desserts.

    A person holding the baking knife over a sheet cake

    13. A leakproof Yeti Rambler that'll keep your drink ice cold (or piping hot) for the entire day. Awesome for hikes, hangovers, and everything in between.

    A person holding the Yeti mug over a hardwood floor

    14. A bottle of calming pillow spray that's infused with lavender and chamomile to relax your mind and body. You just spritz it onto your pillow and let the smells take you away to dreamland.

    A bottle of the pillow spray on a bedside table

    15. A lettering and calligraphy notebook that'll help you soothe your soul with loopy letters and push you in the right direction if your writing looks like chicken scratch. Spend endless hours creating that perfect fancy script, and by the end of the week, you’ll probably be good enough to craft your BFF’s wedding invitations.

    A calligraphy book on a table next to a pen and paper clips

    16. An elastic phone grip, if you're constantly dropping your device, but PopSockets just aren't for you. It lays flat on your phone, so it's a lot less bulky than some alternatives, and is large enough to fit all of your fingers through, if you want a more secure grip.

    A person holding their phone with the elastic phone grip

    17. An adjustable clothes hanger bar for your car that'll keep your on-the-road wardrobe crease free. It easily clips onto the grip handles and is perfect for anyone whose backseat looks like a bit of a floordrobe right now.

    Two shirts hanging from the clothes hanger bar in the back of a car

    18. This crescent moon crewneck that will give you the perfect balance of spooky and soft vibes. Unlike other sweaters that can be super bulky, this one is the perfect weight and thickness to layer with a jacket.

    A person wearing the crewneck sweater outside

    19. A wooden dishwasher magnet that'll tell you the state of what's inside, so you don't even have to exert any energy opening the door (just remember to flip it).

    Two dishwasher magnets laid out

    20. A pack of wine filter wands that'll cleanse your vino of histamines and sulfite preservatives to combat those nasty side effects of drinking, like headaches and upset stomachs. Reviewers say they improve the taste of wine and save them from hangovers (a real win-win).

    Two people stirring glasses of wine with wine filter wands

    21. A pack of light-up lightsaber chopsticks that'll make you feel like Luke Skywalker every time you sit down for a meal. Now all you have to do is choose your side: Jedis or Siths (don't worry, the set comes with both).

    Two pairs of lightsaber chopsticks on a wooden table

    22. A handmade crocheted scrunchie that'll amp up and basic pony or bun. It's made of a soft, velvety material that won't tug or break your strands.

    A person holding several velour crocheted scrunchies

    23. A tin of Nellie's laundry soda, a super-concentrated powder detergent that'll last you a whopping 100 washes. Reviewers say it's great at removing stains and leaves clothes smelling fresher than ever.

    A person measuring out a teaspoon of laundry soda

    24. A gritty double-sided foot file that'll scrape away all the dead skin from your tootsies and leave them feeling silky smooth. The bumpy side is great for removing callouses and the smooth side works to maintain softness and stimulate blood circulation.

    25. An itty bitty USB disco ball, so you can bring the party with you, wherever you go. Reviewers love how bright it is and say that it can actually light up an entire room.

    USB disco balls plugged into two phones

    26. A felt succulent kit, because you can't seem to keep your plants alive, but still want your home to have a botanical vibe. This little display is super easy to assemble and is a crafty solution for your lack of a green thumb.

    A person making felt succulents and putting them into the holder

    27. A shaker of ketchup-flavoured popcorn topper that'll take your favourite movie theatre snack to the next level. Sure, it's designed for popcorn, but you can also shake it on veggies, fries, and pretty much anything else you cook up.

    A shaker of ketchup seasoning surrounded by popcorn

    28. And finally, a roll of cheese storage paper that regulates humidity to keep your favourite bries, havartis, and cheddars from getting too moist or too dry. Reviewers say it keeps cheese tasting fresh and combats mould like nothing else.

    A roll of cheese paper

    You after buying all these awesome products:

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