We Tried That Bubbling Face Mask And This Is What It Was Like

    It grows!

    If you've been on the internet sometime in the past six months, chances are you've seen that crazy bubbling face mask growing on people's faces.

    So we ordered the masks and put those babies on our faces.

    Lara loved the face mask process.

    Lara's thoughts during: This was so. much. fun. Putting it on just FELT cool. I could hear it bubbling and as soon as it touched my skin it started to grow. I kind of felt like I had a fungus growing all over my face, but like, in a good way. Toward the end it started to bubble up A LOT and I couldn't breathe out of my nose and my face itched like crazy which I assume meant it was working. That, or I have an allergy and shouldn't use this again. It wasn't as therapeutic and relaxing as some masks I've done, but it definitely felt like it got into my pores way more than any other face masks.

    Nina was a little grossed out.

    Nina's thoughts during: Slathering this stuff on with the little stick was kind of difficult. You have to put it on quite fast, because it doesn't take too long for the clay to change from gray to white. You might be better off applying it with clean hands to get more even coverage. I will admit, the tingling felt good. It felt like I was doing some good beauty work for my skin without actually doing anything. But rubbing it in after five minutes didn't feel as good. It's like smothering your face with a really thick shaving cream. Is this how all face masks feel?

    Lara was literally a cloud.

    And this is what Nina's fingers looked like after rubbing it in.

    In the end, we both liked this mask and would definitely use it again.

    Lara's thoughts overall: This face mask was awesome. It was fun, didn't take long, and it's fun as hell to Snapchat. What else could you ask for in a face mask? It also left my face feeling amazing. My skin was a little red after, which I actually didn't mind, because it hadn't felt that clean in weeks. The next morning when I woke up the redness was completely faded and I just felt... cleaner. I would definitely use this again!

    Nina's thoughts overall: OK, ultimately, I think my skin did LOOK a lot better afterwards. I think I had a bit of a glow and it looked as if I had fewer blemishes. However, my skin felt a bit rubbery afterwards. Is that what extra-clean skin is supposed to feel like? I honestly don't know. I think this mask is worth trying at least once, if only so you can feel like a human Rice Krispie treat. I would try it again, for sure.