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    These Beauty Products That BuzzFeed Writers Love Are 20% Off Right Now

    Who doesn't like saving money?

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    We should all be social distancing right now (it's important!), but maybe you still want to feel a little put together. Luckily, through April 28, LookFantastic is having 20%-off sale on must-have products with the code FAMILY.


    Exclusions apply.

    Here are some of our holy grail products that you can get for 20% off by using the code FAMILY at checkout:

    1. A tube of Cosrx gel cleanser that'll leave your face feeling squeaky clean without stripping it of its natural oils. It smells a little medicinal, but it works actual wonders for your pores.

    Alice Prendergast / Via, Sarah Han / Via

    "Even though it's a gel, it does foam up! Which I love! I like to rub it in my hands before applying it on my face. It's super light and easier to work in and go to town with a lil' massage than, say, a creamy cleanser. I tend to get some breakouts when I travel, and I really think the Betaine Salicylate and Tea Tree Leaf Oil has helped kept my pores clear and prevented breakouts from popping up." —Sarah Han

    Get it on LookFantastic for $23.84 (originally $29.80).

    2. A tube of super hydrating Maybelline tinted lip balm to give you a pop of colour without making your lips feel like sandpaper (I'm looking at you, matte lipsticks). It's packed with SPF20, so it'll protect your pout from the sun, too.

    Morgan Steffes / BuzzFeed

    "I don't wear a lot of makeup but I still like to put some on when I go out on the weekends. When I want to add some color to my lips (nothing too bold), I use Maybelline Baby Lips tinted lip balm. It keeps my lips moisturized all night but gives me the little pop of color I'm looking for. The one I use the most is the Cherry Me color — it's not too bright but definitely adds what I need for a 'going out' look. It feels super soft and silky when applying and it's easy to just throw in your purse and reapply a few times throughout the night. It even has SPF 20, which is always a plus!" —Morgan Steffes

    Get it on LookFantastic for $5.59 (originally $7).

    3. A tube of Skyn Iceland Glacial Face Wash that's made with glacial water and white willow bark to detoxify and purify your skin, without drying it out. It's on the gentler side, making it great for people with sensitive skin.

    JenniferTonti / Via Instagram: @jennifertonti

    "I use this foaming cleanse in the morning because its cooling effect really wakes up my skin. It has white willow bark, which is a natural form of salicylic acid that helps prevent skin congestion and acne. The oat and cylindrica seed oils also do a fantastic job of removing all the excess oils my face has so generously produced overnight, without making my skin feel dried out. It starts off creamy, and as you rub it into your skin with water, it becomes a foamy, milky gift from the skin-care gods. That transition makes me feel like it's activating some magical ingredient that will make my breakouts disappear. Even if it's not magic, whatever it's doing — it's working." —Jennifer Tonti

    Get it from LookFantastic for $41.99 (originally $52.50).

    4. A pack of revolutionary acne patches that'll magically make your zits disappear overnight. They're barely visible and will also help stop you from picking at your active pimples.

    Maitland Quitmeyer / Via BuzzFeed

    "When ~something inevitably happens~ to throw my skin out of whack — like stepping foot onto a dry-ass airplane or being super stressed out — I keep a stash of Cosrx pimple patches handy. They actually absorb gunk from your pimple — it's gross, but so helpful! And you're INCAPABLE of picking at your skin when these are on! True little miracles, these are." —Maitland Quitmeyer

    Get three packs of 24 patches on LookFantastic for $9.83 (originally $12.30).

    5. A bottle of Ouai oil that you can use on you your hair and body for a healthy dose of hydration. Oh, and it smells like a bouquet of roses, which doesn't hurt, either.

    @theouai / Via

    "I mostly use this as a body oil. I tend to avoid applying oils to my hair since I already produce enough on my own. I did, however, enjoy putting this on my arms, hands, and legs for post-shower smoothness and hydration. It was getting close to wintertime, and my skin tends to need all the added moisture it can get — this product provided just what I needed." —Jennifer Tonti

    Get it on LookFantastic for $19.62 (originally $24.50).

    6. A set of coiled hair ties that'll keep your hair free of crazy crimps and tangles, and won't cause breakage when you slide them off. They also look cuter than classic hair ties when you rock them on your wrists.

    Gyan Yankovich

    "Thanks to its spiral design, this hair tie doesn't leave any bumps in your hair at all. None! I sleep with my hair in a wrapped into a bun and in the mornings I unravel and have the same straight hair I got ready for bed with. The Invisibobble is also made of plastic, so it keeps your hair in place but somehow (magic? idk?) doesn't ever snag. Basically, it's a wonder product and I can't believe I used regular hair ties for so long." —Gyan Yankovich

    Get a pack of three on LookFantastic for $7.03 (originally $8.80).

    7. A tube of Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream that provides medium-to-full coverage without looking cakey. It's great at disguising blemishes, evening out skin tone, and protecting your skin from the sun (SPF42, baby!).

    Sarah Han / Via BuzzFeed

    "I wasn't sure how I'd like this one, but guess what — it's fab! First of all, I love the bottom pump format — it keeps things easy and clean. It looks a little grey out of the tube, but it oxidizes to a perfect color match after a few minutes. You can definitely ~feel~ this formula — meaning, it feels substantial and slightly on the thicker side against your fingers, so it takes a little more time and effort than the others to completely blend out, but it's totally worth it for the end results — and it also means one pump is enough for my whole face! I seriously look airbrushed from just one layer!" —Sarah Han

    Get it in the shade Golden Beige on LookFantastic for $33.59 (originally $42). Also available in Honey Beige.

    8. A pack of Yes to Tomatoes Blemish Clearing Facial Wipes that are easier to handle and travel with than a liquid toner. They're great at removing makeup and keeping your face free of everyday build up.

    Treye Green / Via BuzzFeed

    "The wipes themselves are very soft, so I don't feel like I'm damaging or irritating my skin when using them. But I still make sure to use light wiping motions so I don’t cause any premature wrinkles or other skin damage. I have been using these wipes for months now, and I'd recommend them to anyone looking to combat the occasional blemish." —Treye Green

    Get a pack of 30 wipes on LookFantastic for $5.60 (originally $7).

    9. A tube of Peter Thomas Roth Max Mineral Naked SPF 45 Protective Lotion that'll keep you safe from the sun's rays and give you a hint of coverage, too. It's infused with silica to absorb excess oils, so you won't get super sweaty in the summer months.

    Sarah Han / Via BuzzFeed

    "It's really just sunscreen with a teensy bit of tint, and I like the 'no fuss' nature of it. It doesn't earn top marks for coverage, but that's not the goal — I just want my face to be protected and, I could just be imagining things, but I feel like it diffuses light on my face just a tad, for just a slight bump in evenness and glow from my natural, sans-product face." —Sarah Han

    Get it on LookFantastic for $42.55 (originally $53.20).

    10. A bottle of Garnier Micellar Water that'll get rid of dirt, oil, and makeup without drying out your skin (a truly difficult task). It feels like just like water, but works, like, a hundred times better when it comes to cleansing pores.

    Rachel W. Miller / Via BuzzFeed

    "Micellar water is pretty unfussy to use: You put some on a cotton pad and swipe it over your face, and it removes makeup (including eye makeup) along with sweat, oil, etc. And…that’s it! You don’t even have to rinse it off when you’re done. It doesn’t have a strong smell or leave your skin tingling like an astringent does; it really just feels like…water. That initially left me skeptical that it was actually working, but after a year of using it, it remains as effective as ever. It’s also good for people who don’t wear makeup, and who maybe think they don’t need to wash their face every night but who are married to people who don’t want the sweat and grime one acquires daily as a human being in NYC/the world all over their pillows." —Rachel W. Miller

    Get it on LookFantastic for $9.83 (originally $12.30).

    11. A bottle of luxurious Jurlique Skin Balancing Face Oil that will nourish any skin type. It's especially helpful to dull and dry faces, which most of us have right now, thanks to the changing of the seasons.

    @jurlique / Via

    "I love Jurlique, and not just because I'm Australian and it's an Australian brand. I'm obsessed with face oils, and while I find rose hip a little too rich when used on its own, I love it blended with avocado and macadamia oil in this product. My mom has extremely sensitive skin too, and this also gets her stamp of approval. All of Jurlique's products are certified organic, and a lot of their ingredients are grown on their biodynamic farm in Adelaide, South Australia. In addition to this oil, their range of soothing calendula products are great for anyone who struggles with redness." —Gyan Yankovich

    Get it from LookFantastic for $60.24 (originally $75.30).

    12. A tub of First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream that'll see you through eczema flare ups, Sahara-dry skin, and everything in between. It's pretty darn thick, but sinks into your skin quickly and won't leave you feeling greasy.

    Gyan Yankovich / BuzzFeed

    "I'd been traveling and in one flight moved from a freezing climate to a very humid New York City. My skin freaked the hell out, and none of my usual faves could get it back under control, so I decided to try something new. Every promise this cream's tub makes is true because within a fortnight my face was almost back to normal. This cream is now my go-to whenever my skin becomes irritated by a change in weather or new product." —Gyan Yankovich

    Get it on LookFantastic for $35.07 (originally $43.80).

    13. A Foreo Luna Mini 2 that'll scrub your entire face clean with T-Sonic pulses. It's gentle enough for sensitive skin and will get rid of makeup residue, dead skin cells, and just about anything else.

    Maitland Quitmeyer / Via BuzzFeed

    "Here's how it works: apply cleanser directly to your face, wet the LUNA, and move it around your face in circular motions. Throughout the 60-second process, the light on the bottom will flash and the whole thing will buzz, telling you to move the LUNA to another part of your face — from one cheek/side of your chin to the other, then your nose, and then your forehead. It removes up to 99.5% of dirt and oil — and leaves your face free of ANY makeup residue. I wear a full face every day, and I am consistently amazed by the results of this tool." —Maitland Quitmeyer

    Get it in baby pink on LookFantastic for $138.64 (originally $173.30).

    14. A bottle of Skyn ICELAND daily lotion that'll be your secret weapon against stressed and irritated skin. It's lightweight, but will infuse your skin with some serious hydration.

    Laura Silver / Via BuzzFeed

    "I am telling anyone who will listen that they have to buy the Skyn Iceland Cooling Lotion right now. Especially people who often find themselves 'accidentally' drinking a bottle of wine and then 'forgetting' to take their makeup off before bed, but still want to look as dewy as a Snapchat filter the next day. It's also really good for oily skin and preventing blemishes, thanks to the inclusion of thyme, so don't be put off by the idea of using an extra product before moisturizer. I've been using this lotion a few months now and I definitely think my tired 30+ skin looks plumper and fresher." —Laura Silver

    Get it on LookFantastic for $63.08 (originally $78.80).

    15. An ultra-absorbent hair towel that'll make easy work of drying your locks without heat. It's comfy enough to wear while you sleep (my hair routine is just "sleep on it and see what happens," so this really appeals to me) and hooks into place with a button.

    Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

    "Since I ordered mine a little over a month ago, I've used it every night and every other time I shower, and am IN LOVE. It keeps my pillow from getting wet and my hair from dripping. I don't wake up with still-damp hair. And I'm so happy with the way my hair finishes drying while I'm freaking sleeping that I've been just running a brush through it in the morning and calling it good, all because it's *mostly* dry when I go to bed. It's not perfect, but I think it's pretty good for a heat-free and lazy routine." —Natalie Brown

    Get it on LookFantastic for $42 (originally $52.20).

    16. A bottle of Too Cool For School Coconut Milky Mist to give your morning routine a luxurious lil' upgrade. It'll save your skin from dryness and pack it with nourishing Brazilian coconut water, making you feel fresh, fine, and fierce in just a few spritzes.

    LookFantastic / Via

    "This Coconut Milky Mist will make your skin feel dewy, soft, and refreshed and its scent is super-calming. It also wins points for being so multi-use: You can use it post-shower or pre-makeup, or just as a nice lil' way to wind down at the end of the day. I spray it on before makeup, after makeup, at night, and in the morning. I should probably just keep one in my purse TBH. It makes my skin so soft and conditioned, and helps me feel refreshed and clean after a long day in the content mines." —Julie Gerstein

    Get it on LookFantastic for $25.19 (originally $31.50).

    17. And finally, a tube of Marvis Jasmin Mint Toothpaste, a lightly floral toothpaste that's probably a little bougier than whatever you're rocking with right now. With this in your life, you'll be in for a tasty treat every time you scrub your chompers.

    Rachel Wilkerson Miller / BuzzFeed

    "This toothpaste actually brings me a little bit of joy every time I use it! I was instantly into the packaging, which is so beautiful; something about the purple and silver just feels special — like I'm staying in a fancy hotel or something. The fragrance is really distinct (not too strong, just...distinct), but the floral flavor is actually very light and mild. (If you've ever had, say, a lavender latte or a cake with rose frosting, it's definitely similar.) Within a day or so, I was totally hooked." —Rachel W. Miller

    Get it from LookFantastic for $9.84 (originally $12.30).

    You after using your new holy grail products:

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