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    These 21 Father's Day Gifts From Walmart Canada Will Probably Make You Your Dad's Favourite Child

    These are definitely better than whatever you got them last year.

    1. A copy of National Parks Scrabble that's an outdoorsy twist on their favourite board game. It's got all the same rules as the classic version, but they'll get bonus points for playing words related to National Park names and wildlife.

    A person holding up the box for the game

    2. This non-stick divided breakfast skillet that'll inspire them to serve more than toast when they're taking the morning shift in the kitchen. It'll also save them from doing a ton of dishes, which I'm sure they'll appreciate.

    The skillets with breakfast ingredients inside

    3. An electric pressure washer that'll help them get their deck in tip-top condition in time for patio season. It's powerful enough to blast through tar, tree sap, bird splats, and heavy mildew, and can even be used on boats, cars, and windows (just remind them to adjust the settings).

    A person using the pressure washer on a glass table

    4. A Brazilian-style double hammock, so they can kick back in comfort in the great outdoors. It can be attached to pretty much anything, so they'll want to bring it along with them on their next camping trip.

    The hammock on a patio outside a house

    5. A bottle of beard serum, if they consider their facial hair their best feature. It's packed with biotin and caffeine and will help stimulate growth while bringing moisture back into their crispiest whiskers.

    The bottle of serum on a tree

    6. A tabletop air hockey set, if the playoffs have taken their love for the game to the next level. It'll make them feel like a kid again and amp up your family game nights.

    The table hocket table in a table with snacks in front of it

    7. A genius insect-repelling device that'll keep pests from ruining their precious backyard time. It has a 15-foot protection zone, so they won't have to sit directly beside it to reap its benefits.

    The device on a patio table

    8. A handy pocketed organizer that'll keep their trunk from turning into a sea of chaos. It has tons of compartments for all their stuff and is collapsible for easy storage.

    The filled organizer in a trunk

    9. A fancy-shmancy Ninja coffee maker that'll make whipping up their morning cup of Joe way easier. It can handle everything from single servings to whole carafes, so they'll be able to brew for every occasion.

    A person putting coffee grounds into the machine

    10. A carbon steel survival tool that's small enough to slide into their cardholder or wallet. Whether they're in need of a bottle opener, blade, bike tool, or saw, it's bound to come in handy.

    A person holding the tool

    11. An extra-cushy yoga mat that'll help protect their joints when their getting their sweat on. It comes with a carrying strap, so they can easily tote it to the park or beach for outdoor workouts.

    A person doing a side plank on the mat

    12. An ultra-slim electric cooler that'll keep their drinks frosty on long car rides, trips to the cottage, and everything in between. They won't need to load it up with ice packs — it can be plugged into any vehicle’s 12 volt plug.

    The filled cooler in a car

    13. A pro-style dartboard set that'll help them perfect their aim and upgrade their game room. It even comes with a chalkboard that'll help them keep track of their winning spree.

    The dart board on a wall

    14. This mummy-style sleeping bag that'll keep them toasty warm on their next camping trip. Reviewers say that it's lightweight and super cushy and love that it has a built-in media pocket for their phones.

    A person lying inside the sleeping bag

    15. And a camping chair, so they can sit by the bonfire without getting their tush covered in leaves and twigs. It has a built-in soft cooler, so they won't even have to get up when they want to grab another brewski.

    The chair at a capsite

    16. A set of granite whiskey stones that'll keep their boozy beverages cool without watering them down. I'm not saying you should pair it with a bottle of whiskey, but… you should probably pair it with a bottle of whiskey.

    The stones beside a glass of whiskey

    17. A pair of silicone grill gloves, so your dad can flip their cobs and burgs without worrying about burns. They have a textured silicone pattern that makes grabbing hot pots and pizza stones a breeze.

    A person wearing the gloves while putting corn on a grill

    18. An indoor putting green that'll help them master their putting skills in the comfort of their own living room. It has a slight upslope, making it a touch more challenging to nail a hole in one.

    A person using the putting green in their living room

    19. A compact Ninja air fryer that'll give them all the joys of fried food without all the oil and splattering. It'll also save them a trip to the drive-thru when they're craving extra-crispy fries.

    20. An all-purpose electric blower that'll help them clear debris off their driveway without needing to go to town with a shovel or rake. It can be used for lawn clippings in the summer, leaves in the fall, and snow in the winter, so it's not just a one-trick pony.

    The blower being used to blow leaves off a driveway

    21. And finally, if you really want to splurge on your dad, team up with your siblings and treat them to brand new 4-in-1 BBQ with a built-in smoker. It's even equipped with warming racks, so their veggies won't go cold while they handle grilling dogs and burgs.

    The grill on a patio

    You giving your dad their gift:

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