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    37 Aesthetically-Pleasing Products That’ll Help You Conceal All The Clutter In Your Apartment

    Pretty and practical.

    1. A coat rack that'll make your entryway situation so much more functional. It has hooks where you can hang coats and bags, shelves where you can store accessories, and a seat that you can fill with more stuff (or sit on when you're yanking on your boots).

    The coat rack next to a velour chair

    2. This tiered organizer that you can use to store and display your most-used sunnies, journals, and gadgets. It's made of soft material, so you won't have to stress about you specs getting scuffed.

    Several accessories in the holder

    3. A bamboo monitor riser with built-in slots for your phone, mug, and office supplies. Reviewers say it keeps their computer screen at eye level, so it might help alleviate stress on your neck, too.

    The monitor riser with various things in the slots

    4. A trio of floral bins with rope handles, if you want to give your storage situation a spring glow up. They're large enough to conceal bulkier items, like boots and blankets, so you can use them to conceal your winter goodies.

    One of the bins on a couch

    5. This cotton rope laundry basket that looks more like an art piece than a hamper. Reviewers also use it to conceal terracotta pots and make their plant babies look more ~aesthetic~.

    A person putting laundry in the hamper

    6. A sturdy storage chest that'll look great at the foot of your bed or in your front hall. The cushioned top means it can double as seating, and it has extra storage space underneath where you can keep shoes and slippers.

    The storage chest with linens inside

    7. This sweet 'n' simple cutting board rack that'll keep your countertop free of chopping blocks and charcuterie bases. It's made of sturdy, rustproof steel, so you won't have to worry about it wearing down or toppling over.

    A person placing a pot lid in the cutting board rack

    8. A geometric jewellery stand and tray that'll keep your accessories untangled and in one place. They also look like works of art, so they'll pretty up your bedroom, too.

    The jewellery tree with necklaces on it beside the matching tray

    9. An end table with a magazine rack underneath where you can tuck your Vogue collection. It'll also give you a place to rest your snacks and coffee, so you won't have to risk balancing them on a couch cushion.

    The rack with a coffee and a plant on top of it

    10. A set of ultra-slim shelves, so you can keep your favourite records on display (and off your floor). Reviewers also love using them as storage for their sunglasses.

    Six ultra-slim shelves with records on them

    11. A toilet paper cloud that'll turn your extra rolls into a work of art, while freeing up space under your sink. Now you'll never wonder whether you're running out of toilet paper, 'cause the answer will be right in front of you.

    12. A set of bottle-shaped pantry jars that'll make your cupboards look more Pinterest-worthy than ever before. They're made of borosilicate glass and have cork stoppers, making them more eco-friendly than plastic alternatives.

    A person putting the jars into their cupboard

    13. A seven-tier shoe tower that won't take up much space in your entryway, but will give you plenty of room to store your favourite kicks. The bottom two shelves are taller, making them great for heels and booties.

    Seven pairs of shoes on the shoe tower

    14. A pair of floating shelves that'll give you extra space in your kitchen for your mugs and spices. They're equipped with metal guards, so you won't have to worry about your stuff sliding off them.

    A person placing a mug on one of the shelves

    15. A ceramic pet treat jar that you can stuff with your doggy toothbrushes and mini bones. Not only will it save your drawers from being stuffed with half-filled bags, but it'll keep them tasting fresh, too.

    The jar filled with treats

    16. A sturdy clothing rack that'll display your capsule wardrobe in a way that would make any fashion blogger proud. It'll also keep a floordrobe from accumulating on your bedroom floor, which is always a plus.

    The rack filled with clothes

    17. An extra-large coffee table that you can turn into a makeshift desk. It has plenty of storage underneath, meaning you can shove all your work stuf away when you're done your 9 to 5.

    The coffee table in front of a couch with an iPad on it

    18. A patterned microwave cover that'll keep your appliance from getting covered in dust, sauce splashes, and fingerprints (and make it look way cuter, too). It has pockets on the side where you can store extra utensils, if you're running out of room in your drawers.

    The cover on top of a microwave on a counter

    19. A metal shower caddy that'll attach right to your shower head and has enough space for all your holy grail products. Now you won't have to dance around shampoo bottles and soap bars while you go through your routine.

    The shower caddy filled with products

    20. Or pair of corner shelves, if your showerhead just wasn't meant for a caddy. They'll attach to your walls with strong adhesive pads, so you won't need to make any renovations to install them.

    A pair of shower shelves filled with bath products

    21. These fabric bins that'll give all those random doodads that don't have homes a place to live. They have detachable wooden handles and can easily be folded down when you're not using 'em.

    The three bins filled with random goodies

    22. This versatile velour ottoman that can be used as a table, seat, and storage unit. It'll also add a chic touch to your space and take your decor to the next level.

    23. A magnetic paperclip holder that'll keep your smallest stationery supplies in one place. It comes with 100 matching paper clips, but you can also use it for things like pushpins, sewing needles, and bobby pins.

    The container with paperclips inside

    24. A stylish and useful storage cabinet that deserves a spot in your living room or kitchen. The middle and top shelves are open, so you can use them to display decor and books.

    The unit in a living room

    25. A magnetic key rack that'll conveniently stick to anything made of metal and help you organize your entryway, without adding a big ol' console table. The tiny tray at the top is the perfect spot for essentials like sunglasses and lip balm.

    26. This faux marble kitchen sink organizer with space for all of your dish-scrubbing tools and products. This one has a removable drainer plate on the base that'll keep gross gunk from building up underneath.

    Several sponges and scrubbers on the organizer

    27. A set of artsy bookends that'll keep your little library looking like a million bucks. They're made of metal, so they'll hold even your heaviest textbooks without budging.

    The bookends with several large books between them

    28. A resin vanity tray that'll make your bathroom counter or toilet tank look a lot fancier. It's great for holding lotions and potions or displaying your favourite pieces of jewellery on.

    Several pieces of jewellery on two resin trays

    29. A pair of grid panel boards that'll give you a place to display your pics and important memos. If your desk is a sea of chaos covered in countless scraps of paper, this is bound to come in handy.

    Several postcards hanging from the grid board

    30. A set of cactus-themed corner shelves that'll turn any nook in your room into valuable storage space. The sturdy wood and metal design makes it perfect for holding books, plant pots, and weightier items.

    The cactus shelf in the corner of a bedroom

    31. This chic vanity and stool set that'll make getting ready for the day a breeze. The table has two spacious drawers where you can keep your holy grail beauty products and the mirror has three lighting modes, so you can choose your perfect level of illumination.

    The vanity and stool in a bedroom

    32. A bright and bold utility cart that you can use to store your work supplies, beauty products, and anything else that's just lyin' around. You can wheel it around your house, so you won't need to lug your stuff from room to room.

    The utility cart with fruit, a pillow, and books in it

    33. An acrylic storage container with two compartments for your bathroom essentials and a top tray for tweezers and lip balm. If you buy multiples, they'll fit together like Lego blocks.

    Cotton pads and q-tips inside the container

    34. This tufted ottoman that's a stylish and functional fix to your lack of bedroom storage. The compartment inside is deep enough to store an extra duvet or throw pillows, so you won't have to shove them under your bed.

    A person with their feet up on the ottoman

    35. This console table that'll take up barely any room, but will give you the extra storage you've been craving. Reviewers say it looks a lot more expensive than it actually is and that it's a great addition to any entryway.

    The console table in a living room

    36. A pair of acrylic jewellery organizers that'll help keep your vanity free of clutter. There are 40 individual compartments, so you'll have storage space for all of your beautiful baubles, and it comes with a lid that'll keep your jewelz dust-free.

    Two trays filled with jewellery

    37. And finally, a modern mirror and storage unit that'll help hide all those beauty products that normally hang out on your bathroom counter. It's also a great entryway accessory, offering a concealed spot to stash your wallet and keys.

    The mirror and cabinet unity in a bathroom with products inside

    You looking in the mirror:

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