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    We've Scoured The Internet And Found The Best Gifts To Give In 2022

    UGG boots, Mejuri hoops, hair tools, video games, and more.

    1. A pair of itty-bitty 14-karat gold Mejuri hoops if they love minimalist jewellery and could use a new staple pair. They look great solo, but are obvi great for stacking, too.

    A person wearing a hoop earring in their ear

    2. A copy of the original Catan base game that'll have them trading and building their way to victory. They'll be so busy creating cities and settlements and vying for the coveted "Longest Road" card that they won't have a chance to get bored.

    The game laid out on a table

    3. A Le Labo set if bougie candles are the way to their heart. Yes, this is a splurge-y gift, but these scents are famous for a reason (especially Santal 26).

    The three candles on their box

    4. An OLED Nintendo Switch if gaming is their passion. It'll bless them with even better graphics and resolution than the OG version, and it's small enough to pop in their bag so they can take it with them on all their trips.

    The switch on a table

    5. And a copy of the new Pokémon Violet or Pokémon Scarlet that'll be their new obsession. They'll get explore the wide-open world of Pokémon, discover (and catch) new creatures, and battle it out.

    6. A Dyson Airwrap if you want to treat them to a ~fancy~ gift that'll last them way longer than their budget heat tools (and save their hair from breakage, too). It comes with a ton of brush heads so they'll be able to master everything from beachy waves to smooth blowouts.

    7. A copy of Carrie Soto Is Back if they're a Taylor Jenkins Reid stan (I mean, who isn't these days). The book follows the story of the titular character, a retired tennis player, who is returning to the game to reclaim her record. Obviously, because it's written by TJR, there are plenty of emotional backstories and personal dramas involved.

    The book on a tennis court surrounded by rackets and balls

    8. A pair of Beats Fit Pro earbuds that won't pop out when they least expect them to (like in the middle of a run). Reviewers say their noise-cancelling power is unparalleled and that they're so comfy, they can even wear them to sleep.

    Alice holding the earbuds in their case

    9. Or a pair of noise-cancelling Apple AirPods Max if they think earbuds are, to quote Hilary Duff, 🎶 so yesterday 🎶. Reviewers say they're the best wireless headphones they've ever used and that the padding is so comfy, they can wear them all day long without irritation.

    A person wearing the headphones while working on a computer

    10. A Sol de Janeiro kit that comes with the brand's cult-favourite Brazilian Bum Bum Body Cream, along with a body wash, body scrub, and fragrance mist. Everyone will be complimenting them on how great they smell, and they'll have you to thank for it.

    The set of Sol de Janeiro products in front of their box

    11. A Cricut Joy machine that'll help them tackle just about every crafting project under the sun. Whether they want to create labels for their pantry jars or customize cards, this will make their DIYs easier than ever.

    12. A pair of adidas Superstars, a timeless classic that will never go out of style. They were designed to be worn on basketball courts in the '70s, but they're stylish enough for any outing (and heckin' comfy, too).

    A person holding up a shoe

    13. A scratch-off map for the nomad who just can't stop jetsetting. Now they'll be able to remember where they've been (and where they still have left to go).

    14. A pair of Warby Parker glasses because there's no gift like good vision, amiright? If these acetate frames don't suit their style, there are a ton of others to choose from and you can get them tailored to their prescription so they won't be stuck squinting.

    a smiling person wearing a pair of warby parker glasses

    15. A bestselling matcha starter kit that'll save them from spending, like, $8 on green tea lattes every morning. It comes with a whisk, a scoop, and a sifter, plus a handbook that'll teach them everything they could ever want to know about matcha.

    16. An Unsolved Case File game that'll awaken their inner armchair detective and have them digging up dirt on potential suspects. Finally, all those hours spent watching serial killer documentaries and listening to murder podcasts will pay off.

    A person holding up the case file

    17. A Starry Night LEGO kit that'll basically turn them into a professional artist (move over, Van Gogh). It has over 2,000 pieces and will leave them with a masterpiece to display when they're done.

    The Lego Van Gogh on a desk

    18. A 23andMe DNA testing kit that'll help them learn more about their family tree. They'll even be able explore traits, like their freckles and hair colour, and learn what their DNA has to say about their preferences when it comes to tastes and smells.

    The 23AndMe box

    19. A copy of The Five-Minute Journal if they have trouble holding onto memories, but don't have the time or energy to start their own DIY journal. It has quick prompts for every day so they won't have to fuss over what to write about before putting pen to paper.

    A person holding the journal and a pen

    20. An at-home pottery kit that'll give them an excuse to take up a new hobby. It comes with enough supplies to make six small pots (or two large pots), plus all the tools and a guidebook, so they can get started right away.

    21. A Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 if they're in desperate need of a new phone. Unlike your basic smartphone, this baby can be folded in half (and at a ton of different angles), so it can basically be its own tripod.

    A person taking a video on their phone

    22. A pair of classic UGG Coquette Clog Slippers to save their toes from freezing this winter. Thanks to their thick rubber treads, they won't slide around on their hardwood while they're wearing 'em.

    The slippers on a blank background

    23. Or a pair of UGG Neumels with chunky platforms that'll give them a little help in the height department. They're lined with the brand's signature sheepskin material, which will keep their tootsies heckin' toasty.

    A person wearing platform UGGs

    24. A SodaStream Art that'll have them creating bubbly beverages in the comfort of their own home. Now they can kiss the days of lugging home hefty cases of soda water buh-byeeee.

    The SodaStream on a counter between a bottle of soda water and a Co2 canister

    25. A Tatcha set that'll bless them with a whole slew of luxe skincare essentials to try out. It comes with three of the brand's hero Dewy products — a cleanser, a serum, and a moisturizer — and, best of all, they're all small enough to travel with.

    The three products on a table

    26. A Define Jacket from lululemon if oversized hoodies aren't their jam. It's made of breathable, sweat-wicking material that'll make it the perfect layering piece for winter jogs (they may wanna throw a vest on top for extra warmth, though).

    27. A pair of running leggings that are lined with brushed fleece, so they won't freeze when they go out for a jog this winter. Thanks to the handy zippered pocket above the tush, they won't have to rock a bulky arm band or fanny pack.

    28. A Jenny Bird choker to add to their already-impressive necklace collection. It's made of gold-dipped brass and has a lobster claw clasp that'll make it easy to do up on their own (I own this and can attest to it!).

    A person with short hair wearing the choker around their neck

    29. A Vitamix blender that can crush through ice, nuts, and just about anything else in mere seconds. They can adjust the speed with a flick of the dial, so whether they want to whip up chunky salsa or purée smooth nut milks, they'll be able to tackle their task with ease.

    The Vitamix on a counter next to a smoothie

    30. A weighted blanket that'll help them sleep like an actual baby (and keep them warm, too). It has a velvet material on one side and fleece on the other, giving them the best of both worlds.

    The weighted blanket on a sofa

    31. A pack of claw clips that'll keep their updos firmly in place. Reviewers say they're large enough to be used on thick hair and that they're great for sectioning off strands while curling or flat ironing.

    32. A trio of Acid League x Onima hot sauces if they believe everything they eat should have a touch of 🌶. They range from mild to extra hot, so they can work their way up the Scoville scale.

    Three bottle of hot sauce in a box

    33. A Squishmallow lobster that is so cute, I can't even deal. Sure, it'd be a great gift for any kid in your life, but I, a full-grown adult, love snoozing on it. Do with that info what you will.

    The lobster on a bannister

    34. A magical Revlon one-step styler that'll dry, volumize, and ~zhuzh~ their tresses all in one go. Now they won't need to mess around with a thousand hair tools when they're running late.

    35. An Instax Mini Evo Hybrid Camera that they can use to shoot and print pics. Unlike the original Instax, this one has a screen on the back, so they can actually see what they're taking a pic of without looking in the viewfinder.

    Melina holding the instax camera and printer hybrid

    36. A gift set from The Body Shop mini body butters and shower gels in two seasonal scents: Wild Pine and Spiced Orange. 'Tis the season to stay moisturized and smell delicious.

    The products laid out on a wooden table

    37. A YETI dog bed that'll give their pup a soft and comfortable place to rest their head. It has a cushy, removable travel pad in the centre that they can take with them on car rides and outdoor adventures.

    A dog on the dog bed in an office

    38. A quilted crew sweatshirt from Columbia for those all-important R&R days. And if you want to complete their look, throw in the matching sweatpants.

    a person wearing the quilted crewneck sweatshirt

    39. A Fellow kettle that'll inspire them to make their coffee every morning, instead of paying a barista to do it for them. They can set the temperature to their liking, so they won't be stuck waiting for their scalding-hot cuppa joe to chill.

    The kettle beside a plant on a wooden table

    40. A transparent bird feeder that'll stick right onto their window so they can make some winged pals and squirrel friends. It has a dual-compartment feeding tray that slides out, making it easy to refill.

    A bird inside of the birdhouse eating seeds

    41. A copy of Six California Kitchens that'll teach them a thing or two about cooking through both recipes and stories. Reviewers love that it's both a memoir and a cookbook and say the recipes aren't super daunting.

    The book on a table

    42. A 4K Fire TV stick that'll make streaming their fave shows even easier. This lil' doodad won't take up much space on their coffee table, but it will give them access to all their streaming platform subscriptions in one place. It's even Alexa-enabled, meaning they can do everything with their voice.

    Bianca holding up the Fire TV Stick remote in front of the television

    43. The Tote Bag from Marc Jacobs so they can schlep their stuff in style. It's made of durable canvas and has both interior and exterior pockets that'll help them keep their stuff organized.

    44. An INKBOX tattoo marker if they think they want some permanent ink, but need to test the waters first. Their lil' body art masterpieces will last two weeks, so they can actually get a feel for their ~lewk~.

    45. A Kérestase duo that'll bless them with the silky tresses of their dreams. It comes with the 8H Night Serum and the Elixir Ultime Original Hair Oil that'll work together to strengthen, hydrate, and dre-frizz their mane.

    Alice holding the two hair products

    46. A Burn After Writing journal that'll help them master the art of self-reflection and get into a better headspace. And once they've filled its pages with their feelz, they can toss it into the flames and literally burn away all the things that make them stressy and depressy.