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    If You Don't Wanna Spend A Ton Of Money This Holiday Season, Here Are 24 Affordable Gift Ideas

    From $9.99 to $49.99, and not a cent more.

    1. A set of chic salad servers for the host that always does the most. Reviewers say they're the kind of utensils that never get put away because they're just so gosh darn nice to look at.

    two wood salad servers in a matching bowl

    2. A karaoke microphone that'll have them singing their heart out at their next shindig. It comes with a built-in phone stand, so they can display the lyrics to whatever tune they choose to belt out.

    a person holding a microphone that has a phone sitting in its stand

    3. A fanny pack that is a spitting image of lululemon's Everywhere Belt Bag. Reviewers say the pocket design, material, zipper, waist strap, and even the location of buckle are all the same.

    fanny packs on a blank background

    4. A pillar candle they'll wanna light up the next time they have people over for dinner. Its funky shape makes it nice to look at, even when it isn't lit.

    a jagged candle on a table

    5. And a decorative candle holder they can put their fancy new candle in. It's double-sided, meaning it can fit slim tapers on one side and tea lights on the other.

    a candle holder holding a tea light

    6. A pair of cow slippers to keep their feet cute 'n' cozy while they putter around the house. I mean, how adorable are they, though!?

    a person wearing cow slippers

    7. Or a pair of moccasin slippers if they'd rather wear something a little more subtle. They're lined with faux fur that'll feel as soft as clouds on their feet.

    a pair of moccasin slippers

    8. An advent calendar they can open up over the six days that lead up to New Year's Eve. Packed with Sephora Collection goodies, this thing is a great way to extend that ✨holiday cheer✨ all the way to December 31st.

    the advent calendar and all of its goodies

    9. A pair of ~luxe~ wine glasses they can use for sipping that fancy bottle of Chardonnay they've been saving. Reviewers say they're a great dupe for *those* Crate and Barrel glasses (at a fraction of the price).

    Alice holding a cylindrical wine glass outdoors

    10. A hanging car trunk organizer if they're the kind of person who appreciates a practical gift. It'll turn the back of their car into a multi-pocketed storage situation for all of their roadtrip essentials, and help keep everything organized, too.

    a trunk organizer

    11. A sunset projector light for a golden hour that never ends. Reviewers love that it has a ton of settings to play with, including brightness, warmth, and a bunch of different colours.

    a sunset projector lamp projecting vibrant but soft light

    12. A postcard painting kit they can use to illustrate personalized and thoughtful notes and cards over the holidays. They can also use it as a sketch book while they're on the go or travelling.

    a paint set on a wood table

    13. A super cute makeup brush holder that'll keep their beauty supplies in order. Its base doubles as tray they can keep trinkets and jewellery in, too.

    a daisy with a sad face holding brushes on a bathroom counter

    14. A deck of yoga exercise cards with a whole range of poses for them to practice and learn. Each card has an illustration and description, plus a code they can scan to access an online video tutorial of each posture.

    a person holding the box of yoga cards open

    15. An adorbs vase stand that'll give their favourite water plants and baby bouquets a place to call home. They can also use it to root plant cuttings and propagate in style.

    a vase stand with flowers in each bulb

    16. A knit scarf that'll keep their neck from freezing off this winter. I have one of my own and lemme tell you, this baby is incredibly soft and feels pretty luxurious for the price point.

    a soft-looking scarf on a blank background

    17. A 500-piece puzzle if they live and breathe The Office. It's the perfect activity to do while they rewatch their fave episodes (again).

    a puzzle inspired by the office on a blank background

    18. A ping pong set they can use on any table. The net is expandable and equipped with sturdy clamps that'll make it super easy to set up.

    a ping pong set on a blank background

    19. A pack of Epsom salts that'll inspire them to kick back in the tub this winter. They're made with shea butter, which they'll appreciate if they experience dry skin when the temps drop.

    three tubs of epsom salts

    20. A hardcover copy of On Boards by Lisa Dawn Bolton that's full of recipes that are meant to be shared. It'll definitely come in handy if they're planning on hosting any family gatherings this holiday season.

    the cover of on boards by lisa bolton

    21. A deck of tarot cards they can use to get a glimpse into the world of mystery, magic, and maybe some light fortune-telling. They're cat-themed, which will make 'em the perfect giftie for the feline-obsessed future-seeker in your life.

    a person looking at the cat-themed tarot cards

    22. A handheld milk frother for the latte enthusiast in your life. It'll help them make a creamy, homemade PSL in a jiffy.

    a person making a latte next to the frother

    23. An LED vanity mirror that'll help them see what they’re doing when they’re applying their makeup. It even has a handy bottom tray for stashing their go-to glosses and liners.

    a heart shaped mirror with a tray as its base

    24. And finally, a string of light-up clips that'll add a little more ~pizzazz~ to their home decor than plain ol' fairy lights. They can use them to display art prints, photos, notes — you name it.

    Happy gift shopping, y'all!

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