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    "The Bold Type" Is Coming Back For Its Final Season — Here’s Why You Should Watch It

    The TV series has been renewed for its fifth and final season.

    Freeform has finally renewed The Bold Type for its fifth and final season, to the relief of devoted fans of the show like me.

    If you’re not already watching The Bold Type, you’re missing out. It’s the perfect tonic to the uncertain world we are living in and if you start from Season 1 now, you’ll have caught up by the time the final season is released!

    Here are 20 other reasons to watch The Bold Type, written by someone who is on her eighth rewatch of the series:

    1. The portrayal of female friendship on the show is uniquely authentic.

    2. It represents current issues in a fresh and engaging way.

    3. As a rom-com, it’s the perfect comfort watch but it’s not cringeworthy.

    4. The show gets real about female pleasure and masturbation.

    5. Jacqueline Carlyle is the boss we all dream of.

    6. You’ll live for the timely pop culture references.

    7. It’s never afraid to tackle difficult subjects, like #MeToo and gun control.

    8. It’s honest about the struggles of working within the media.

    9. The cast and storylines are diverse and inclusive.

    10. It explores sexuality in complicated ways.

    11. The show’s romantic relationships are honest and realistic.

    12. It portrays the best and worst parts of New York City living.

    13. The show is always sex and body-positive.

    14. There are some great fashion moments.

    15. It tackles privilege in complex ways.

    16. Sutton is a modern-day Carrie Bradshaw — but she’s actually likeable.

    17. The Bold Type may have created the perfect man.

    18. There’s a Paris episode!

    19. The show is honest about struggles with fertility, miscarriage, and not wanting children.

    20. And finally, romantic relationships come and go on the show, but the real romance is the friendship between Kat, Sutton, and Jane.