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    Aisha Dee Announced The New Season Of "The Bold Type" In The Cutest Way

    Tiny Jane and the gang.

    The Bold Type is back, baby!

    Yep, that's right! After an abrupt end to Season 4 (thanks, COVID), Freeform announced yesterday that we will soon be back at Scarlet Magazine with Kat, Jane and Sutton.

    Aisha Dee (Kat Edison) decided to announce the show's return in her own fantastic way: by posting this terrific little video.

    Kat just casually editing a picture of the cast and Bernie Sanders.

    And then to top it all off — the text.

    I really hope this is being written into the script as we speak.

    Aisha's announcement idea is spot on. I'd expect nothing less from the woman who gives us lines like "truffle pig."

    The only downside to all of this is that sadly, Season 5 will also be The Bold Type's last season.

    As a quick recap (spoilers ahead): Season 4 left off with Richard leaving Sutton after her miscarriage/confession that she isn't ready for children; Kat hooked up with the controversial red-headed lesbian Eva; and Jane had a double mastectomy and a fight with Jacqueline about publishing a story.

    The cast members looked just as excited as the fans at their first Season 5 table read.

    View this video on YouTube

    Freeform / Via

    It's literally just them saying their characters' names, but somehow still so endearing.

    Considering the ~usual~ timeline for The Bold Type, Season 5 will most likely air sometime this summer. So until then, guess we have to find something else to pass the time.