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15 Vine Accounts That Will Have You Dying Laughing

Do it for the Vine.

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Vine is weird and wonderful and hysterical. It can be crude and full of in-jokes, but it's also full of really inventive humor and to be honest, it's the funniest and most fun app.

It's also hard to know where on Earth to start. So... start here:

1. Christine Sydelko

What to Expect: Smart, weird, kinda vulgar stuff. And some shit-talking.

2. Victor Pope Jr.

What to Expect: Homemade, super clever jokes about pop culture, rap, and just, like, life. Also can be cute as hell.

3. Jus Reign

What to Expect: Some classic #relatable stuff, but a loooot weirder and more fun.

4. Jay Versace

What to Expect: Wild voices, ridiculous props, huge nostrils, consistently hysterical Vines.

5. Brisk God

What to Expect: Random short clips paired perfectly with snippets from rap songs.

6. Gabriel Gundacker

What to Expect: Clever, deadpan satire and honestly just funny jokes.

7. Dope Island

What to Expect: A lot of #relatable classroom stuff and lo-fi "playing both characters" realness.

8. lmao jack

What to Expect: Topical and pop culture-related overdubs. There are a lot of bizarro Vine in-jokes but it's generally hilarious.

9. Natural Example

What to Expect: Law & Order references, sneaky social commentary, random funny shit.

10. Nick Colletti

What to Expect: Satirical bro humor with some insidery Vine jokes.

11. Katie & Ava Ryan

What to Expect: Cute but also hysterical Vines from a girl who has comedic timing well beyond her years.

12. Valium Village

What to Expect: Mundane and bizarre (but still weirdly relatable) clips from archival footage like "those awful movies that they made [you] watch in health class."

13. kinda sarah

What to Expect: Some #relatable teen stuff, but with a screw loose. Also, 1D fandom.

14. The Sadia

What to Expect: Irreverent takes on normal high school life, the news of the day, and Muslim identity.

15. Evan Breen

What to Expect: Deadpan weirdo stoner humor.

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