19 Reasons You Should Respect Your Elders

Kids these days have it easy.

1. If we wanted to hear a new album, we had to, you know, buy it.

2. To have that new song before the album came out, we had to hover over the record button indefinitely waiting to tape it off the radio.

3. We didn’t have Wikipedia, we had microfilm.

Do you know how tedious this was? (Full disclosure: it was kinda fun, too.)

4. We couldn’t just “change plans on the fly.”

NBC / Via shotlogger.org

Either you got to the right place at the right time, or everything was ruined.

5. Meeting someone required some effort and courage, not just a GPS-enabled hookup app.

Paramount Pictures / Via wifflegif.com

6. This was our home movie viewing experience.

Young’uns gather ‘round so I can tell you the ghastly tale of… TRACKING.

7. We didn’t have “on demand,” we had “driving to the store and spending an hour picking out some video that might not even work.”

8. Arguments with friends couldn’t be settled until we got home and hoped the answer was in the encyclopedia.

9. We didn’t have video games with “immersive worlds,” we had one pixel at a time.

And we liked it.

10. We didn’t have Skype, we had calling cards.

No matter how much time you thought you’d bought, it would run out after one ten minute phone call.

11. Taking trips involved planning and maps. We didn’t have all this GPS stuff.

12. We couldn’t take a million digital photos and hope one came out well. Every shot was money out of our pocket.

13. There were no “Smoke Free Areas.” Pretty much anywhere.

14. Privacy for phone calls was restricted to how far you could stretch out this damn cord.

15. This was the closest thing to health food we had.

And it turns out it’s not even healthy.

16. We didn’t have Craigslist or LinkedIn or any other such wizardry. We had a newspaper and a highlighter.

Stephen VanHorn / Via shutterstock.com

17. We didn’t have Instagram. Sharing your travel photos meant boring people to death with albums or slides.

They were all #nofilter.

18. If we lost this page in the newspaper, everything on TV was a complete mystery.

19. We had something called BOREDOM. It was acceptable and it built character.

Now you know what to do.

Warner Bros. / Via thisisaghosttown.tumblr.com

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