25 Things You’ll Have To Explain To Your Kids One Day

Back in your day…

1. How sometimes when you called your friends, you’d have to talk to their parents first.

ID: 939305

2. How writing a paper meant poring through these.

ID: 939315

3. Or this.

ID: 939595

4. Smoking and non-smoking sections in restaurants.

ID: 939782

5. How taking a road trip meant buying one of these first.

ID: 939324

6. And how effing hard it was to fold back up.

ID: 939331

7. How your parents would give you one of these when you went to camp.

ID: 939347

8. How T9 texting changed everything.

ID: 939365

9. What this was.

ID: 939376

10. And having to fill out one of these.

ID: 939382

11. And having no idea how the photos came out.

ID: 939391

12. How you used to pay for internet by the hour.

ID: 939574

13. Talking to your friends meant actually seeing them face-to-face.

ID: 939441

14. How this was cutting-edge technology.

ID: 939684

15. Dialing *69 to find out who called you.

ID: 939404

16. Taping a song off the radio so you could hear it whenever you wanted.

ID: 939416

17. But if you didn’t have a fancy boom box, you’d hold a handheld tape recorder up to the speaker, and your mom would yell something in the background and ruin it.

ID: 939425

18. How voicemail could only be played out loud.

ID: 939590

19. Doing math problems on one of these.

ID: 939702

20. Not knowing what other people were doing if you weren’t with them.

ID: 939450

21. Not having a camera on you at all times, unless you wanted to carry one of these 24/7.

ID: 939695

22. How family movie night meant driving here.

ID: 939467

23. How the only way to get song lyrics was if the artist printed them in the CD booklet.

ID: 939479

24. How this page in the paper (or the TV Guide) was the only way to know what was on television.

ID: 939486

25. When your mom left to go to the store, there was no way to reach her.

ID: 939635

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