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    23 Pieces Of Advice You'd Give Your Younger Self

    Listen up, kiddo.

    1. When you're learning to ride a bike, maybe stay away from hills.

    2. OMG DON'T DO IT.

    3. Animals are not toys.

    4. Really, though.

    5. Posed photos are lame, but they're not that bad. Just get it over with.

    6. If you're not into sports, that's totally fine.

    Also, importantly: If you are really good at sports, don't be a jerk about it. Stay cool.

    7. Just stick with books for now, maybe.

    8. Share!

    9. Cutting hair is for grown-ups. DO NOT ATTEMPT.

    10. It's never too early to start dressing sharp.

    11. Don't be a bully, seriously.

    12. Life isn't fair. Get used to it.

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    13. There are plenty of things worth experimenting with when you're growing up. Facial hair isn't one of them.

    14. Don't do everything you're told.

    15. Give your parents a break, their job ain't easy.

    16. Don't play with your food.

    Even if it's kinda cute. Keep it together.

    17. The opposite sex does not have cooties. They are safe for socialization.

    Proceed with caution, though. For real.

    18. Stop moping, it's gonna be OK.

    19. RE: hair — keep it simple.

    20. School is kinda scary at first, but you'll get to make friends and learn stuff, so don't sweat it.

    21. Embrace your idiosyncrasies.

    22. Don't take a nap in the ball pi— actually you know what? Yeah, take a nap in the ball pit.

    23. Savor the time that this is the hardest decision you have to make.

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