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Everyone Kanye West Has Ever Compared Himself To

"I am a god."

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6. John Travolta

From: "The Glory" (Graduation)

Lyric: "Man the game all messed up / How I’m supposed to stand out when everyone get dressed up / So yeah at the Grammys I went ultra Travolta"

7. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

From: "Last Call" (College Dropout)

Lyric: "The all around the world Digital Underground Pac / The Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer of the Roc"

11. Jaden Smith

From: "Champion" (Graduation)

Lyric: "My dad'll say ‘When you see clothes close your eyelids’ / We was sort of like Will Smith and his son / In the movie I ain't talkin' 'bout the rich ones"

17. Donald Trump

From: "So Appalled" (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)

Lyric: "I'm so appalled, Spalding ball / Balding, Donald Trump taking dollars from y'all"

18. Lebron James

From: "Devil in a New Dress" (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)

Lyric: "I thought I was the asshole, I guess it’s rubbing off / hood phenomenon, the Lebron of rhyme"

24. Hype Williams

From: "Illest Motherfucker Alive" (Watch the Throne)

Lyric: "I need a slow motion video right now / Cause I’m moving in slow motion, slow motion / Feelin’ like Hype Williams shooting a n****a."

26. Mekhi Phifer

From: "I Don’t Like (Remix)" (Cruel Summer)

Lyric: "A girl’ll run her mouth only out of spite / But I never hit a woman never in my life / I was in too deep like Mekhi Phifer"

29. The Rat Pack

From: "I am a God" (Yeezus)

Lyric: "Pink-ass polos with a fucking backpack / But everybody know you brought real rap back / Nobody had swag, man, we the Rat Pack"

30. Deepak Chopra

From: "Hold My Liquor" (Yeezus)

Lyric: "One more hit and I can own ya, one more fuck and I can own ya / One cold night in October, pussy had me floating / Feel like Deepak Chopra"

34. Prince

From: "Send it Up" (Yeezus)

Lyric: "This the greatest shit in the club / Since ‘In Da Club’ / It's so packed I might ride around / On my bodyguard's back like Prince in the club"