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The ​9​ Moments in Taylor Swift's "Wildest Moments" That Prove She and Petite Meller Should Be BFFs

Taylor Swift showed on her new video why she and rising star Petite Meller need to be total BFFs... and here's why.

alexleet • 3 years ago

The Dog That Looks Like Harrison Ford... Just Being Harrison Ford

So a picture recently emerged of a dog that looks like Harrison Ford, but of course what we all wanted to know was how said dog would fair in classic Ford movies, and what the tag lines / quotes from those would be. Well, that was the assumption anyway.

alexleet • 5 years ago

The 12 Songs That England Are Listening To Right Now

When it comes to last minute practice, when the sweat's gushing amid a montage of grass-stains and sour faces, there's only a few songs that will really do the trick for England's spirits. These be them songs.

alexleet • 5 years ago