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    Crepuscular Rays Are Your Favorite Kind Of Rays And You Didn't Even Know It

    Unless you did. In which case, CHECK OUT THESE RAYS.


    Honolulu, Hawaii.

    It's your old friend, crepuscular.

    Seattle, Washington.

    Crepuscular ray.

    You don't have to hide it anymore.


    They're your favorite type of rays.

    San Francisco, California.

    These sweet, sweet, crepuscular rays.

    Horseshoe Bend, Idaho.

    Even cows appreciate the beauty of some nice crepuscular rays.

    The thing about crepuscular rays is that they look good on everything.

    They look good on mountains.

    Rose Bay, Australia.

    They look good on roads.

    They do this thing when they go through trees...

    ... it's just... unf. Your faves could never.

    Here's a letter I wrote to them.

    Dear crepuscular rays,


    You is good.

    Flickr: 26275483@N00

    Washoe Valley, Nevada.

    You is smart.

    You is important.

    Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

    Ray on me.

    Just ray.

    And if one day you are ever stuck in a mostly cloudy sky...

    ... have hope.

    Queenstown, New Zealand.

    Channel your inner "Annie."

    And come out tomorrow.


    Stay beautiful.

    Kanazawa, Japan.

    You rock...

    Missoula, Montana

    ... never change.


    Love, me.


    PS. Fuck off, Ray Romano.

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