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17 Times "Game Of Thrones" Fans Freaked Out In 2015

It was a roller coaster of a year, y'all.

1. When HBO put out "Catch the Throne," a Game of Thrones themed mixtape featuring Snoop Dogg and Talib Kweli, to hype the new season.

2. When HBO Now happened and we realized we didn't have to have a cable subscription to watch Game of Thrones anymore.

3. When designer Manish Arora showed a Game of Thrones inspired collection at Paris Fashion Week.

4. When we found out that there will be an Indian remake of Game of Thrones.

5. When Queen Elizabeth II ALMOST sat on the Iron Throne.

6. When we realized we may be getting more than seven seasons.

7. When we found out that Brienne of Tarth was crossing over into the Star Wars universe.

8. And Sansa Stark was making her way into the world of X-Men Apocalypse.

9. For book-readers, when the show started departing wildly from the books.

10. Like when Jaime went to Dorne with Bronn.

11. And Sansa married Ramsay instead one.


13. But book-reading aside, we got amazing moments like Arya exacting her revenge on Meryn Trant.

14. And Dany flying out of the Daznak's Pit on dragonback.

15. We also got some heartbreaking moments. RIP sweet Shireen.

16. And of course, the biggest gut-punch of them all. #JonSnowIsDead.

17. Now all there is to do is wait for all the great stuff Game of Thrones will bring in 2016!