Hugh Jackman Thinks Tom Hardy Should Be The Next Wolverine

    Pass them claws on!

    Hugh Jackman's 8-movie streak of playing Wolverine in the X-Men movies will end in 2017, following his final appearance as Logan in The Wolverine sequel.

    While doing press for his upcoming film Pan, in which he plays the pirate Blackbeard, Jackman was asked who he would want to take up Wolverine's claws following his departure.

    "I've been asked that question a lot," said Jackman. "I don't want to make it too easy on the studio to replace me."

    He followed that up by naming Mad Max: Fury Road star Tom Hardy as his pick!

    Tom Hardy already has experience playing a comic-book supervillain. Remember Bane in The Dark Knight Rises? Maybe it's time for him to play a superhero!