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    Olivia Munn Is Getting Real About How Difficult It Is To Breastfeed Her Newborn Son Malcolm

    "Breastfeeding. Is. Hard."

    Olivia Munn is getting candid about her journey as a new mom.

    A closeup of Olivia

    The actor, who welcomed her son, Malcolm Hiệp in November, recently opened up about the struggles she's had while breastfeeding.

    "Eight weeks in and I’ve taken a million vitamins, countless teas, lozenges, tinctures and worked with two lactation consultants. Breastfeeding. Is. Hard," Olivia wrote on her Instagram story.

    A selfie of Olivia looking exacerbated

    She even joked that her dog was getting more use out of her nursing pillow than she was, noting, "Breastfeeding is soooo hard, especially if you have low supply."

    Olivia's dog sits in the middle of a pillow

    She then opened the question to other breastfeeding moms, asking if they were also struggling with the same issue.

    "Any other moms taking allll the supplements and teas and tinctures yet barely make milk?" Olivia asked.

    A table filled with bottles of supplements

    While she hasn't shared anyone's responses just yet, plenty of other famous moms have spoken out about their difficulties.

    Hilary Duff in particular has been outspoken on the issue, explaining that she has always been "just not a huge milk producer," which leads to anxiety about her babies getting enough food.

    A closeup of Hilary

    "Right now, I don't know that I'm not producing as much as I need, but I think, since I haven't in the past, I have tons of anxiety that I'm not, and that she's not getting enough. And then I'm in my head, and then I don't feel like enough, and then the spiral continues from there," Hilary said just a few weeks after welcoming her daughter Mae.

    Hilary added that at the time she felt it was best for her to "sit back and chill and trust that [her] body is doing the right thing and [Mae is] gaining weight."

    And while Hilary chose to breastfeed Mae, she previously decided to switch to formula when her older daughter, Banks, turned 6 months.

    Hilary added that Banks thrived after switching to formula and she felt "fine and happy and relieved and silly that I even stressed on it so hard" about making the switch.

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