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    Hilary Duff Says Breastfeeding Her Newborn Daughter Has Given Her "Tons Of Anxiety"

    "I have tons of anxiety that...she's not getting enough."

    Hilary Duff wants new moms to know that it's okay if they're having a tough time breastfeeding — because she is, too.

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    The Younger star and mom of three welcomed her daughter Mae late last month and has already had an emotional journey with breastfeeding.

    "All of the babies latch really great; I'm just not a huge milk producer, so it's emotional for me," Hilary said on a recent episode of Dr. Elliot Berlin's Informed Pregnancy podcast.

    Hilary said that so far, she's "exclusively been breastfeeding" Mae and is going to try that for a "couple of weeks" before making a decision about supplementing.

    "Just still painful and it's hard, and it's even harder having the other two that I know need me so much, and this takes up such a huge portion of the day. It seems like every 20 minutes, I'm feeding the baby, and I have to be sitting in one place," she explained.

    Hilary added that breastfeeding has also been giving her anxiety because she hasn't produced enough in the past, and that anxiety tends to affect her output.

    "Right now, I don't know that I'm not producing as much as I need, but I think, since I haven't in the past, I have tons of anxiety that I'm not, and that she's not getting enough. And then I'm in my head, and then I don't feel like enough, and then the spiral continues from there," Hilary noted.

    But Hilary knows that she's only a few weeks into life with the newborn and needs to "sit back and chill and trust that [her] body is doing the right thing and [Mae is] gaining weight."

    And while Hilary has chosen to breastfeed thus far, she's a big advocate for doing whatever works best to keep a baby well fed.

    She previously opened up about her decision to stop breastfeeding her older daughter, Banks, at 6 months old when she felt as if she was going to "break."

    Hilary added that Banks thrived after switching to formula and she felt "fine and happy and relieved and silly that I even stressed on it so hard" about making the switch.

    "Whether you are pre or postpartum. Or just a busy mom, You are a [superhero] everyday for all that you do. Always putting yourself last and running a mile a minute…while carrying all of the bags lol. Love you all and hope this helps anyone struggling!" Hilary concluded in her Instagram message.

    Because at the end of the day, a well-fed baby is the best-fed baby, no matter how it happens!

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