There Was A CGI Error In "House Of The Dragon" Episode 3, And A Lot Of People Noticed

    Throwback to the infamous coffee cup incident.

    Warning: this post contains spoilers for Episode 3 of House of the Dragon.

    House of the Dragon's third episode saw a lot go down but despite all of that, there was one small detail that stood out to some fans.

    Some of the cast sit at an outdoor banquet table with lots of food

    Between the time jump, new characters, and plenty of fighting, keen-eyed viewers noticed that a CGI error had been left in the episode.

    It happened in a brief moment where King Viserys was seen handing over a scroll — and some modern technology was left in the clip.

    King Viserys on the battlefield

    Since early on in the new series, King Viserys has been struggling with a mysterious flesh-eating infection and during Episode 2, he was told a potential amputation could be necessary if his illness spread any further.

    King Viserys

    It looks like, after the show's three-year time jump, King Viserys did, in fact, lose two of his fingers.

    King Viserys holds up his hands and two fingers are missing

    In a photo first shared on Twitter, actor Paddy Considine can be seen wearing a green screen glove that is supposed to cover up his two missing fingers.

    Not the green screen glove on Viserys’s missing fingers 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️#hotd

    @SarahC_821 / Via Twitter: @SarahC_821

    The moment can be viewed around the 46:08 mark in the episode, as King Viserys finally decides to send out help to defeat Crabfeeder.

    King Viserys holds a scroll but the actor is wearing green screen material on two of his fingers

    And while the lighting is a little darker in the actual episode, that is most definitely a green screen glove.

    A closeup

    The whole thing is reminiscent of Game of Throne's infamous coffee cup incident, where a takeaway cup was left on the table in a scene that actually made it to TV.

    A cardboard coffee cup can been seen on the table

    While the coffee cup was eventually edited out, as of now, HBO has not yet fixed the green screen glove error.