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A Coffee Cup Accidentally Showed Up On "Game Of Thrones" Last Night And It Will Make You Laugh And Shake Your Head

"That Winterfell Starbucks cashier ain't ready to write Dany's name on her coffee cup."

If you haven't watched Game of Thrones Season 8, Episode 4, "The Last of the Starks," yet, fair warning, this post contains mild spoilers.

So, during the post-battle feast inside Winterfell — while Tormund was hyping up Jon and Daenerys was giving major side-eye — you probably missed one of the most surprising moments of last night's episode...



And, of course, fans were quick to pick up on this oversight.


But mainly, they were very into making their own jokes.

Guys it’s not Starbucks, it’s Winterfell’s own coffee chain “Dire cup” #GameofThrones

That Winterfell starbucks cashier ain't ready to write Dany's name on her coffee cup #GameofThrones

Broke: they accidentally left a starbucks cup on the set, oops Woke: Starbucks is canon in Game of Thrones world

Imagine HBO spending millions on every single episode and being done over by a single coffee cup. Guess Dany didn’t get the memo about reusable chalices #GameofThrones

They even connected it to the ~controversy~ around the lighting on the show.

GoT cinematographer: i know there are exactly the right amount of starbucks cups in the shot bc i shot it https://t.co/MKW5ifKKtb

The fact that there was a Starbucks cup in tonight’s Game of Thrones that no producers or editors noticed throughout multiple cuts merely 1 week after the DP yelled that the show’s not too dark to see is truly *chef’s kiss*

maybe if they lit the show better they'd be able to spot their own basic mistakes #GameOfThrones

And here's the video receipt, should you need it.

my favorite show in the entire world forgot a STARBUCKS COFFEE CUP ON THE TABLE WHILE FILMING

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