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The 25 Most WTF Things That Happened In Britain In 2015

Featuring ketamine, David Cameron, and a horrible, horrible poo.

1. A man with curly hair fed some ket to a seagull.

As you do.

2. Boots asked people to tweet them pictures of their babies doing a shit.


3. A story came out that David Cameron allegedly put "a private part of his anatomy" in a dead pig's mouth.

Press Association

And obviously everyone made jokes.

When you're 15 minutes into Peppa Pig and chill and then David Cameron gives you this look

So many jokes.

4. Partick Thistle FC unveiled their new mascot, Kingsley, who looked like this.

5. A man from Blackburn did this.

Flickr: rossendalewadey /

"My perfect Sunday is..."

6. Bobby Norris from TOWIE went on holiday and wore a stretchy red sock on his knob.

Beretta / Sims / Rex


7. Bill Turnbull said "cunt" live on BBC News, and it was great.

8. A man carrying a baby brought his laptop on to the Overground, put it on a music stand really close to his face, and controlled it all with a wireless keyboard.

And the man sitting next to him somehow couldn't seem to care less.

9. Someone did the poo to end all poos.

Imagine being the person who did a shit so bad it forced an entire plane of people going from London to Dubai to come back again. IMAGINE.

10. This person genuinely didn't know how cereal bars worked.

11. Deidre had to deal with this belter of a submission.

Facebook: PokeHQ / The Sun

Good luck, Deidre.

12. A man from Hull called Ronnie Pickering went extremely viral after going on a massive rant from his car.


13. This BBC presenter just started using an imaginary iPad at the end of the broadcast, and no one knew why.


14. This old lady got the greatest passport photo of all time.

15. M&S fucked some bread.

16. We confused the fuck out of America with the concept of a "cheeky Nando's".

Fucking smashed it, lads.

17. A man went for a Valentine's Day meal on his own in Sunderland, and then tried to avoid paying by releasing a pet rat he had bought for his daughter and claiming it bit him.

The story then somehow got even more mad when the owner said that he deserved the death penalty. πŸ˜•

18. These two men achieved the most Yorkshire thing that has ever happened.

Can we all establish that the pub near where I live has flooded and there's 2 guys drinking a pint like nouts wrong

19. A woman's "day on a plate" article went really viral, and then everyone took the piss.

Cool, they finally printed my day on a plate.

20. A dog somehow managed to drive a tractor on to a motorway in Scotland.

Twitter: @DogsLoveDonegal /

And somehow no people or dogs were injured.

21. Everyone really wanted to go to Azeem Ward's flute recital.

And in the end, more than 50,000 Brits ended up watching it via livestream.

22. A Cambridge Uni student made the whole country freak the fuck out by wearing a VEST on University Challenge.


A vest!

23. Richard Blackwood didn't have a fucking clue how to zest a lemon.

View this video on YouTube

24. A couple from Cumbria had a Minions-themed wedding. 😞

Amazing 'Minions' themed wedding in Cumbria! #OneInAMinion

25. And the Chuckle Brothers posed for a photo with a woman and a giant glass of dick.

This is the greatest optical illusion in the history of human eyes #cupofpenis #chucklevision

Oh dear oh dear.

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