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21 Things We Did In 2015 That'll Look So Fucking Weird In 10 Years

Glitter. Glitter everywhere.

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4. And they also all got man buns. In the future, we'll look back at man buns in the same way we look back at wet-look hair-gelled quiffs now.

Instagram: @fashionablyman

Just you wait.


15. Two brothers opened a café where they only sold bowls of cereal, and people actually went to it.

Matthew Tucker / BuzzFeed

Maybe in 10 years we'll have finally realised that cereal is actually a bit crap anyway.

16. Someone invented these.

They were supposed to be an April Fool's Day prank, but now they're thinking about actually making them exist and selling them to actual human beings who are alive and presumably have jobs and friends.


20. People made their fingernails look like this. For fashion.

Instagram: @queen_factory_ufa