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    27 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Paradise You'll Never Want To Leave

    Why go out when you can stay home???

    1. Rest a luxury bath caddy over your tub, light some candles, and let yourself soak for the next few hours. Or years. Whatever you need.

    2. Lay a rainbow film over your windows to reflect light beautifully and get an extra layer of privacy from the outside world.

    3. Hang a pair of blackout curtains so you can finally get those eight hours of sleep you probably haven't seen in months.

    4. Transform your home into a movie theater with a mini projector because why leave the comfort of your own couch to see a movie if you don't have to???

    5. Avoid running out of snacks with this monthly subscription box that'll provide crunchy, chewy, salty, and sweet treats like granola bars, nut mixtures, artisan popcorn, and mini popped tarts.

    6. Invest in a seriously luxurious silk sheet set so you can feel like royalty while acting like a lazy potato.

    7. Cocoon yourself in a warm sherpa throw for ultimate comfort before you climb into bed.

    8. Expand your entertainment-viewing abilities via the Amazon Fire TV Stick by getting access to thousands of television channels and apps, plus over 500,000 movies. You can enjoy Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, NBC, and so much more.

    9. Listen to a wide variety of podcasts and music with Amazon's Echo with Alexa. You can even ask Alexa to tell you a joke or sing you a song.

    10. Treat yourself to a skin-nourishing shower with a charcoal body scrub towel to remove dead skin and impurities for a renewed and revitalized glow.

    11. And to make that shower a real party, include a waterproof speaker so you can bump your favorite tunes while washing away the stress of a long day.

    12. Protect all your most important snacks and drinks in a mini fridge that you can keep right next to your bed for minimal movement. Lazy potato, remember?

    13. Place a mini fireplace in whatever room you spend the most time in to spread warmth and increase the cozy factor.

    14. Turn on a noise machine to block out any unwanted your friends and family pleading you to leave your lovely abode. Hmmm, no.

    15. Light a books-smelling candle just before launching into your next read. Books on books on candles that smell like books.

    16. Give your feet a little TLC with a foot massager that'll heat up to melt away your stress.

    17. Kiss restless nights goodbye with a weighted blanket. It'll feel like a constant hug and who doesn't want that??

    18. Turn your bedroom into a twinkling heaven you can enjoy while you binge on Netflix and popcorn. STILL A LAZY POTATO!

    19. Become a fish parent so you'll always have a pal to come home to and care for.

    20. And if a fish really intimidates you (hey, no judgement), consider a couple of succulents as a better fit. They'll turn your space into a green sanctuary.

    21. Include a hanging hammock chair and suddenly you'll be taking naps mid-air. You're welcome.

    22. Lather your hands in a shea butter so high quality, you're going to immediately fall in love with the smell and texture. And always want it stocked in your bathroom.

    23. Use a diffuser to double as dreamy decor. I mean, why not? It's delicate and smells wonderful.

    24. Clear clutter with the help of a storage bed with multiple drawers for extra sweaters, throws, or sheets. Less clutter = a clearer mind.

    25. Add pops of color around your home via wall art to brighten the space and make you smile.

    26. Bake delicious baked goods with a silicone pan so you never have to experience heartbreak when you crumble a cupcake trying to get it out of the pan.

    27. And finally, a home sauna you can use to relax and decompress on the reg to keep yourself feeling like the true superstar you are.

    Me literally the moment I step out of my home to go anywhere:

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