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    30 Pieces Of Jewelry That'll Turn You Into A Jewelry Person

    The best way to accessorize!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Layered tassel earrings to dress up your favorite blouse and pair of jeans. They're lightweight and feature a ton of colors.


    Promising review: "These earrings are exactly what they look like! They are light and vibrant and went perfect with my dress for graduation. They are not falling apart or shedding like other similar earrings had earned reputations of doing (based on reviews). They hang at a good length and did not tickle my neck or annoy me by hitting my shoulders. I am glad I chose these earrings!" —Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in 29 styles).

    2. Acrylic hoop earrings that'll remain comfortable throughout the day (which many hoops are not!!). These will provide the right amount of flair to any outfit.


    Promising review: "If you are looking for cute hoop earrings that don't feel cheap, but are inexpensive, these are them! You may need to get different backs if you don't like the kind that are wide, however it was an insignificant issue for me. I was on the verge of purchasing very expensive earrings and decided to give these a go just to check. I love them and have received so many compliments every time I wear them." —zevarina

    Get the set of four pairs from Amazon for $12.99.

    3. A chunkier rhinestone necklace to pair with a tank on a night out, or with a more formal dress for a wedding or baby shower.

    Promising review: "I couldn't be happier with this purchase. I bought this necklace to go with a plain ivory dress for my wedding rehearsal dinner and it is absolutely perfect. I'm always hesitant buying certain things online like jewelry because I really like to see it in person, hold it, and try it on, however I'm so glad I went with my gut and bought this. Now I can't wait to wear it!" —Kelly Leya

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    4. Abstract face and hand earrings that'll definitely become a conversation starter. If you're feeling particularly edgy, you can mix and match them!

    @GoLimbsGo / Via Instagram: @

    Promising review: "These earrings are perfect for a casual day or a day in the office. The fact that this one came with three sets makes it easy to mix and match the earrings especially because they are all made of the same lightweight material. One of my customers has them as well and we both agree that for the price we paid, they are a steal. I wear them almost everyday. Plus, they leave no green/black residue." —Piper Black

    Get the set of three from Amazon for $9.99.

    5. An initial necklace, because no piece is as timeless as your own initial. It'll become an easy go-to, and who doesn't love a dependable piece of jewelry?


    Promising review: "It came just as described. It's cute and lightweight. I was worried that it may not be long enough, as I have issues finding necklaces to fit me comfortably and this is perfect! It's so light you can't even tell you're wearing it. The design is simplistic and chic. Would make a great gift for women and girls of all ages." —Huntj08

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99 (available in all 26 letters).

    6. A knot infinity bracelet that'll adjust to your wrist size so you don't have to worry about it slipping off mid-day. It's delicate and can be easily layered with other pieces.


    Promising review: "To preface: I’m allergic to nickel and whatever else is in the 'fake jewelry' that is sold cheaply in stores, so it’s difficult for me to find jewelry that I can wear. I bought this bracelet for a wedding back in April of 2018. I’ve been wearing this bracelet nearly every day since then (taking it off for showers, etc.) and it has never once bothered my sensitive skin, and it still looks amazing. I never write reviews unless something really is amazing, and this cute little bracelet is that. I’m very happy." —Mariana S

    Get it from Amazon for $12.95 (available in three finishes).

    7. Earrings made from recycled leather and clothing scraps that'll add a pop of color to your outfit and look incredibly cute while doing so. Each piece is handmade, customizable, and durable.

    To inquire about customization, just message the seller directly!

    Get them from Scandinazn on Etsy for $28.

    8. Adorable watermelon earrings for any foodie who is chomping at the bit for summer to start.


    Get them from Forever21 for $7.90.

    9. A crystal cube ring low key inspired by the infamous infinity stones, but without the finger-snapping drama. It'll catch the light at different angles – causing everyone to stop and stare.


    Promising review: "OH MY WORD, this ring is gorgeous!! I love how it sparkles in the light and that the colors are subtle enough that you can wear it with anything. At certain angles, it even appears clear. Plus, it's an AMAZING PRICE AND YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT!" —Asia Derrough

    Get it from Amazon $10.98+ (available in sizes 6-10 and in three colors).

    10. A thin ankle bracelet so you don't have to feel any extra bulk or weight when out and about. It's lead- and nickel-free and suitable for all occasions.


    Promising review: "This anklet is really cute. I used to wear ones like this all the time. When I saw it. I knew I had to have it. I looks really expensive at a reasonable price. Very dainty and cute!" —Tabby

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99+ (available in eight styles).

    11. A pair of evil eye studs that can be worn by themselves or layered into second or third earring holes. These tiny little symbols of luck and protection are the perfect piece to wear every single day.

    Maison Miru

    I have these tiny earrings and love them! I wear them in my second earring holes since they're small.

    Get them from Maison Miru for $69.

    12. Ear cuffs to slip on and off (no piercing required)! Each is handmade for the upper cartilage and should fit snugly.


    Promising review: "Such a great earring, many people don't even realize it's a cuff! I've showered in it, slept in it, blow-dried my hair in it, worked out in it for about a month – the earring still looks nice and golden, and hasn't budged or tugged or been painful in any way! It does take a little bit of playing around with to get it on properly, but once you've achieved that, it's an incredible piece and a great alternative to another set of piercings!" —Amazon Customer

    Get the set of two from Amazon for $11.80.

    13. A drop chain necklace that'll pair perfectly with a V-neck shirt or dress.


    Promising review: "I love this necklace! It is very beautiful and dainty. I can wear it with a T-shirt or with any of my dresses to go out. The weight of the bar keeps the necklace centered and I'm glad it was made with a connector so it can slide and doesn't shift on my neck." —Amber

    Get it from Amazon for $24 (available in three finishes).

    14. Classic pearl earrings, because they're a staple pair for any jewelry lover. They're sophisticated, clean, and elegant all at the same time.


    Promising review: "I really love these earrings. They are so simple and versatile -- perfect for work, church, going out on a date, etc. Very understated and elegant. I am allergic to most metals, so these were a great find, as they didn't irritate my skin at all. A must-have in everyone's jewelry repertoire." —N. Redman

    Get them from Amazon for $20.10+ (available in six sizes and two finishes).

    15. An X-shaped ring you won't ever want to take off. It's just enough shine to wear alone or stacked with other rings.


    Get it from BaubleBar for $24 (available in sizes 6–8 and two finishes).

    16. Ear crawlers that'll take up much more real estate than traditional post earrings, but will look incredibly chic doing so.


    They're tarnish-resistant, which means they'll last a lifetime.

    Promising review: "Love these, and I get a lot of compliments. A note to those who say they don’t fit or are difficult to get on: yes, it is tricky at first. You will get the hang of it with regular wear. And, all of our ears are different. You will need to bend them slightly to fit the curves of your very own ears. It’s not hard, but it does take a minute to get it right. If it’s pinching, bend it out a little bit. It’s really not difficult to customize these to fit and it’s well worth the effort." —DrM

    Get them from Amazon for $17.90.

    17. A rainbow pendant necklace to add a pop of color to your outfit. How could you not smile while wearing this?


    Get it from ModCloth for $25.

    18. A silicone ring if you're someone who easily loses pieces (or worries about dents and scratches). It's the perfect replacement for your wedding ring when you're working out, gardening, or swimming.

    Promising review: "These are just plain awesome. I bought them because my fingers are too swollen for my regular wedding band due to pregnancy. These braided rings are way cuter than the plain silicone rings. They are also less slippery than a regular metal ring so I suggest sizing up if you are in between sizes. Even if it stretches over time, it won't really fall off because of the extra friction of the silicone." —S. A

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $5.99+ (available in sizes 4–10 and in larger packs).

    19. An Alex and Ani Wonder Woman cuff to bring out your inner superhero. Yes, we all have one inside., Amazon

    Promising review: "This picture does not show off the true beauty of the Wonder Woman cuff. It's so nice and served as the PERFECT Master's degree graduation gift for a friend who works full-time, is a mom, and goes to school full-time." —EMC

    Get it from Amazon for $22.28+ (available in two finishes).

    20. A plated metal necklace that'll really stand out against a summer tan. It's heavier, so it'll be substantial around your neck.


    Get it from Anthropologie for $58.

    21. Beaded hoop earrings to finish off any outfit. You really aren't fully dressed until you accessorize.


    Promising review: "These earrings are cute, great quality for the price and go with everything. Most of all, they're light. I was afraid they would be heavy and hurt to wear for a whole day but I was wrong. I would highly recommend them!" —Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $11.89+ (available in 14 styles).

    22. A jeweled leather wrap bracelet that'll catch the light beautifully. With three hooked sections, you can achieve the perfect fit., Amazon

    Promising review: "I love this bracelet. It is easy to wrap and close. The colors of the stones are beautiful and vivid. You can dress it up with a nice dress or down with a pair of jeans. I would recommend this bracelet to anyone. The quality of the materials used and the workmanship are excellent. They are affordable and would make a wonderful gift. I suggest you try one or more." —Ms Niner

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in four styles).

    23. A custom cityscape ring so you can proudly represent your favorite place (mine being NYC, duh). And the best part is that you can customize the ring if your preferred city isn't already available.

    Get it from Caitlyn Minimalist on Etsy for $26.25 (available in sizes 4.5–12, silver, gold, and rose gold, and 69 cities).

    24. Bone-tip hoop earrings that are both chic and eye-catching. Plus, all sales go back to the female artisans in Kenya to help them earn a fair wage and support their families.

    Global Goods Partners

    Global Goods Partners is a not-for-profit enterprise committed to providing sustainable jobs to women in developing communities. All proceeds from sales go back into the communities and those women creating the goods.

    Get them from Global Goods Partners for $48.

    25. Mini snake earrings for anyone super obsessed with T.Swift's Reputation era. Yes, I went there.

    Urban Outfitters

    Promising review: "These are absolutely beautiful and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments because of them! I haven’t worn them too frequently yet, but they look a lot more expensive than they are and seem that with proper care, they’ll hold up well. They don’t irritate my ears, either!" —galacticglazw

    Get them from Urban Outfitters for $16 (available in two finishes).

    26. A customizable coordinates necklace that'll let you commemorate a favorite place like where you went to school, where you got engaged, or where you grew up.


    When you check out, you can start the personalization process and select your type and finish, and enter your coordinates into the notes box.

    Promising review: "Necklace looked even prettier when I received it. The stamped lettering was rightfully aligned and clearly readable. It also came with beautiful gift packaging. I asked for the latitude and longitude of the place me and my girlfriend first met so we can always remember the day. The edges are smooth and the chain is sturdy. I would definitely recommend it to anyone." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $17.50.

    27. A spiked choker to add some necessary bling to an outfit. It'll frame your neck perfectly — and it even has a matching bracelet available.

    Promising review: "This necklace is much more beautiful in person than I imagined. It is heavy and substantial, but not uncomfortable. There is plenty of space for large necks, in fact it was a little loose on my neck. It’s really fabulous and the price makes it a great buy. I wore this for the Black Panther premiere and it looked spectacular." —Kizzy Renee

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in four styles and with a matching bracelet).

    28. Knot stud earrings, because everyone deserves a casual pair of studs they can throw on last-minute. They'll go with anything and are super comfortable.

    J.Crew Factory

    Get them from J.Crew Factory for $7.50 (originally $18.50, available in five colors).

    29. A durable mesh ring, because having a piece that can endure a lot of wear and tear is essential. It's pliable and moves with you.


    A lot of reviewers say this ring runs small, so size up!

    Promising review: "This ring is one of my new favorite rings. Tiffany & Co. used to make a very similar one, but this is way less expensive and is just as nice! Would absolutely buy again." —Melanie Izquierdo

    Get it from Amazon for $2.99+ (available in sizes 6–10).

    30. Wood and resin earrings to pack on your next island getaway. Paired with a maxi dress and wedge sandals, you'll easily get that vacay Insta you've been dreaming of.


    Get them from Nordstrom for $25.

    Honestly, same.

    Twentieth Century Fox

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