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    Loft Is Having An Up-To 60% Off Sale For 24 Hours Only

    Tis the season of shopping.

    Ah, online shopping. Probably the easiest way to spend hours on the internet and half your paycheck before it even hits your bank account. Well, buckle up folks because Loft is having a MAJOR sale for only 24 hours!

    I'm talking up to 60% off festive faves and 40% off almost everything else! All you need to do is use code 24HOURS or shop the exclusive festive faves page to get the discount. Yes, you read that correctly. And yes, there's also free shipping.

    Here are some things I've already added to my cart. Whoops!

    1. Beaded drop earrings you can add to an outfit for an immediate glam upgrade. If you don't feel like wearing this all day at work, keep them in your bag and throw them on before heading out to dinner!

    2. An adorable penguin sweater to tuck into a skirt or pair of trousers for a fun, but chic look. Get ready for some "awwws" when you take off your jacket at brunch.

    3. A plaid scarf blanket you'll be able to wrap yourself in each morning before heading out into the literal arctic that is the outdoors. It's large enough to wrap around your neck twice for full warmth.

    4. A sherpa-inspired fleece coat you can pair with the plaid scarf the next time you leave for all-day winter excursion. If you're going to be out and about, you might as well be as cozy as possible.

    5. Hoop rhinestone earrings that'll catch everyone's eye at the family dinner table come the holiday season. They've got a silver finish and post back so you won't have to tighten them mid-course.

    6. A ribbed sweater dress featuring cute shoulder buttons, because you shouldn't have to sacrifice style for comfort. This piece will keep you comfortable all day long, so no, you won't want to run home after work to immediately take it off.

    7. Velvet slingback heels with a delicate bow back that'll become your go-to shoe since they're the perfect height to keep your feet from cramping.

    8. A fax suede skirt in a beautiful cranberry color so you can take a much needed break from jeans. It has two front pockets, a fitted structure, and a back zipper.

    9. A embroidered crystal sweater that'll add a little dazzle to any outfit. It's a subtle way to show off style.

    10. A puffed velvet headband so you can accessorize in a glamorous way. It's lush and soft behind the ears so it won't cause that midday headache.

    11. Skinny jeans featuring a beaded side stripe and extra stretchy pockets that'll actually fit your phone. The waistband will sit sit higher on your hips instead of digging into the skin underneath your belly button.

    12. Faux fur slide slippers you'll want to put on the moment you get home from work. They'll become your laundry slippers, your comfort slippers, your I-want-them-on-all-the-time slippers.

    13. A shimmer swing dress that'll move with you. Although it's sleeveless, you can pair it with with stockings to keep you warm on a colder winter night.

    14. A chenille faux fur pom pom hat to keep your head and ears toasty warm no matter the weather. It's extremely soft so it won't itch your forehead even after hours of wear.

    15. A long, open cardigan ideal for office wear when the temp is below freezing. You can keep it on the back on your chair to wrap yourself in whenever you feel yourself begin to shiver.

    16. A tiered long-sleeve shirt that'll become a wardrobe staple because of how versatile it is. Casual day at the office? Check. Going out with friends for dinner and drinks? Check.

    17. Wide-legged pants to keep in your closet whenever skinny jeans become a bit too much. Sometimes all we want is a little bit of flow to keep us comfortable while sitting at a desk for eight hours a day.

    18. A scrunchie set so you can upgrade your messy bun to a cuter messy bun. You may be using dry shampoo, but at least your hair accessories are top notch.

    So what are you waiting for? Shop the 24-Hour Loft sale with code 24HOURS now!

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