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    32 Kitchen Gadgets You'll Really And Truly Use All The Time

    You butter believe it!

    1. A sandwich bag rack to prevent spillage when you're just trying to meal prep for the week!

    2. An oven and toaster rack puller so you never again have to reach inside to pull out your delicious goodies.

    3. A water filter you'll be proud to leave on your dining table during a meal. The wooden handle adds a bit of sophistication to the overall classic design.

    4. A pair of onion goggles to prevent teary eyes while you're chopping away.

    5. A pancake batter pourer so you can design A+ pancakes and get the award for being the most creative breakfast maker.

    6. A 3-in-1 slicer that'll cut and core apples, mangoes, and whatever else you may feel like eating that day.

    7. A produce saver to lengthen the lifespan of your groceries so you can actually finish everything in your fridge and get your money's worth.

    8. A digital food scale with a conversion chart etched onto the top so you don't have to ask Siri how many tablespoons are in a cup.

    9. A bag clip that'll moonlight as a scooper for coffee, tea, or rice.

    10. A silicone oven grip and splatter lid set to eliminate microwave explosions and annoying finger burns when prepping your next meal.

    11. A heating-conducting scooper so you're not hacking at ice cream like a lumberjack until some finally comes loose.

    12. A tool you'll be able to use for multiple jobs. It's a slotted spoon, a solid spoon, a spatula, a turner, and a cutting tool all in one!

    13. A splatter protector you're gonna become obsessed with when you no longer have to clean up grease and oil from your stovetop. Bless.

    14. A collapsible strainer so handy, it can also act as a steamer or a lid. Yes, three totally necessary kitchen gadgets for the price of one!

    15. And speaking of steamers...this silicone lid creates the illusion of a steam ship while your veggies cook!

    16. A pack of food wrap that'll become your go-to instead of plastic wrap or sandwich bags. It's antibacterial and reusable!

    17. A prep bowl so you can grate and slice cheese, mushrooms, cucumbers, and so much more.

    18. A spoon holder to minimize kitchen mess while you're whipping up a Sunday sauce *blows chef kiss*.

    19. A set of magnetic strips that'll suspend bottles mid-air to give you that fridge storage space you've been searching for.

    20. A fridge and freezer freshener because no one wants smelly odors when they're just trying to get a snack.

    21. And if you haven't met her sister, the Angry Mama will help to clean your microwave after you've decided to heat up spaghetti and meatballs without properly covering the bowl.

    22. A set of mini spatulas so you can get every last drop out of sauce and Nutella jars. These work really well on bottles with a narrow opening.

    23. A cold brew maker because constantly spending money on iced coffee is probably draining your bank account. Just add 14–16 tablespoons of your favorite ground beans into the mesh filter, place the filter into the pitcher, add water, place in the fridge, and watch it brew overnight!

    24. A double-sided cutting board with extra-deep juice grooves, easy-to-grip edges, and a phone slot.

    25. A handheld knife sharpener to combat the dullest of blades.

    26. A jar and bottle opener that'll open anything with a top. Say goodbye to the struggle!

    27. A can strainer because up until this invention, there's been no easy or smooth way to drain your favorite canned goods.

    28. A salad cutter which can double as your colander and serving bowl. This will get you a freshly made salad in mere minutes.

    29. A set of grill clips so you don't have to worry about dropping a vegetable into the firey grill abyss.

    30. A avocado hugger because losing half an avocado to browning overnight is so damn annoying. You paid good money for that avocado!

    31. And if you're a big fan of cheese (who isn't), then these huggers will become your BFF.

    32. And finally, a pizza oven that'll allow you to make a heavenly pie in the comfort of your own home. Movie nights just got that much more enjoyable.

    Past you when you didn't really know how to work a kitchen properly:

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