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27 Little Things All People Obsessed With Makeup Are Guilty Of

Contour my life.

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1. Lining up all your lipsticks by color, just to see 'em looking all pretty 'n shit.

*Breathes heavily.*

2. Organizing and reorganizing your entire makeup collection because it's actually FUN for you.

Everything is so neat and pretty and MINE.

3. Wanting to be friends with someone based on their eyeliner skills alone.

This is obviously someone I need to know.

4. Shedding real tears whenever a beloved product gets discontinued.


Bring back that eye shadow primer, Ulta. You know the one.

5. "Trying out" a new makeup look at home before showing it off in public.


There's a good chance this metallic light blue lipstick isn't going to work, after all.

6. Putting on a full face of makeup just to sit at home and do nothing.

Sundays are for sweatpants and lip tars.

7. Seriously considering stabbing anyone who says "but you look prettier without makeup!" with a mascara wand.

ABC Family

Opinions are like eyebrows: Everyone has them, but some are terrible.

8. Having to shut someone down for bringing up the old "makeup is for insecure people" argument.


"Let's talk about literally anything else, like how perfect my highlight looks right now."

9. Donning a face mask as a very sacred weekly ritual.

And, yes, an important part of this ritual is taking a selfie.

10. Having no idea who some new pop star is, but considering Michelle Phan, Kandee Johnson, and Jeffree Star household names.

11. Spending way too much time watching makeup haul videos.

"Just spent six hours watching people unwrap boxes of eye cream, how ’bout you?"

"Just spent six hours watching people unwrap boxes of eye cream, how ’bout you?"

12. Waiting (im)patiently for a new collection you're excited about so you can buy it the second it drops.

"I will physically fight you for the Selena MAC collection."

"I will physically fight you for the Selena MAC collection."

13. Having no time for ignorant fools who ask why you own several red lipsticks.

"Do you really expect me to go my entire life having to choose between a cool red, a warm red, a matte red, a glossy red, and a vampy red with berry undertones like some kind of HEATHEN?"

14. Being genuinely confused by people who don't realize it takes at least six products and real skill to achieve a "natural look."


"No, yeah, she was born with kohl-lined eyes and a matte complexion."

15. "Playing" with makeup while bored.

Things get real weird real fast.

16. Totally forgetting what your face looks like without a single trace of makeup.


"Who is this gorgeous, sleepy-looking stranger?"

17. Looking back on your past makeup looks in absolute horror.

Comedy Central

It's OK; we all had a white eye shadow phase and we are stronger for having lived through it.

18. Holding very definite and strong opinions on eyeliner formulas.



19. Never judging people who don't wear any makeup, contrary to popular internet belief.

Wear it! Don't wear it! Why would it matter?

20. Wearing contour to a beach or pool.

Sports Illustrated

What? Summer fun is no excuse to neglect your cheekbones.

21. Losing an entire day wandering inside a Sephora or an Ulta.

And by "day," I mean "paycheck."

22. People-watching by thinking how you'd perfect strangers' makeup looks.

Paramount Pictures

"That lady yelling in the DMV would look sensational with a smoky plum eye and a nude lip!"

23. Audibly gasping over makeup product design.


It's not weird to get excited about a studded lipstick case, right? Perfectly normal.

24. Admitting that even you don't know what all your makeup brushes are actually for.

"Is this one for my skin or my eyes or the backs of my knees or WHAT?"

25. Buying multiples of the same product in case it ever sells out.

Warner Bros.

Also, sometimes you need a purse lipstick, a house lipstick, a car lipstick...

26. Realizing your bag is filled with lipsticks you've forgotten you had in there. / Via ledamonsterbunnydaily

Ah, yes, here are those 27 lip balms you were looking for.

27. Changing up your makeup with the seasons.

Like I'm seriously going to wear a coral cheek tint and a fixing spray with a dewy finish in winter. GET REAL, PLEASE.



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