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27 Little Things All People Obsessed With Makeup Are Guilty Of

Contour my life.

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7. Seriously considering stabbing anyone who says "but you look prettier without makeup!" with a mascara wand.


8. Having to shut someone down for bringing up the old "makeup is for insecure people" argument.


"Let's talk about literally anything else, like how perfect my highlight looks right now."


13. Having no time for ignorant fools who ask why you own several red lipsticks.

"Do you really expect me to go my entire life having to choose between a cool red, a warm red, a matte red, a glossy red, and a vampy red with berry undertones like some kind of HEATHEN?"

14. Being genuinely confused by people who don't realize it takes at least six products and real skill to achieve a "natural look."


22. People-watching by thinking how you'd perfect strangers' makeup looks.

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"That lady yelling in the DMV would look sensational with a smoky plum eye and a nude lip!"



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