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19 Truths About Being Goth In The Summer

It's a cruel, cruel summer.

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1. Wearing a lot of black, sleeveless clothes means deodorant streaks are a summer goth's natural enemy.

2. People constantly ask you whether you're hot.

Like, figuratively hot? Always.

3. Getting sunscreen under your perfectly manicured nails is a total pain.

Worth it for nails like these, though. 💅

4. People are always joking about how goths avoid the beach.

Which is silly. What other group owns as many parasols, cute sunglasses, and killer black bathing suits?

5. Not everyone is going to get it, but that's the fun of being unique.

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6. Besides, what better opportunity to get creative with sun protection?

7. Of course, then there are all the jokes about pale, sunburned goths.

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Goths comes in all shades.

8. Giant hats offer great sun protection, but they can also be hot as hell.


Beauty is pain. And sweat.

9. And people never seem to realize that goths don't wear, like, velvet cloaks during the summer.

Because, shocking as it may seem, stores also make tank tops and shorts in black.

10. ...And they never seem to understand that being goth doesn't mean ALWAYS wearing black.

Look at this girl totally rocking in red, for instance.

11. ...And that no one understands this better than pastel goths.

12. You know you can always go "TropiGoth" in the summer, because tropical prints + black = great.


13. Of course, it's just a simple fact that beachwear looks cuter in black.

⚫️ ⚫️ ⚫️

14. Your sunglasses are cuter than most people's.

It's not a brag if it's true.

15. And summer is always better with some fashionably like-minded friends.

16. Black lipstick + a cool summer drink = this travesty.

We've all been there.

17. And heat + heavy eyeliner = NO.


The struggle is so real, you guys.

18. And it's not like this look just happens on its own.


19. This is all to say: Being goth in the summer is not for the weak.

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