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13 Things People Who Grew Up Latino Are Still Scared Of

Did you hear the one about the little girl who suffered a cocotazo?

First and foremost: We still fear that we didn't use the Vicks in time.

Cautionary tale (via @tetacular) cc:@soalexgoes


That the cucuy (you may also know him as El Coco) is definitely hiding in the shadows.

He sees you when you're sleeping; he knows when you're awake...

That we didn't take precaution to ward off el mal de ojo.

Oh no, I left my azabache in my other jacket!

...And that someone will look at your baby for too long.

...And also that an egg cleansing might not actually work.

That the evil cadejo will slink behind you while you're walking home at night.

The better to slowly drive you to insanity, my pretty.

That La Llorona will still try to kidnap you if you wander alone.

I can't tell if those sounds are her crying or me sobbing at the thought of it.

That you'll hear El Silbón whistling.

Legend has it that if you hear him whistling from far away, the ghost of this young murderer WILL find you. And he won't just want to chill and order a pizza.

That any weird sound you hear at night might be La Patasola hopping towards you.

If you're a man who likes to head to remote places to think about ladies, watch out: La Patasola, the one-footed woman, will lure you away to consume your flesh. #Goals

That a chupacabra will steal your beloved pet.

They literally suck.

That you'll look into Luz Mala and bad things will happen to you.

According to the gauchos of yore, you should never stare into a stream of light at the horizon or look at what might be under it. I mean, just in case.

That La Ciguapa will come ambling towards you.

How can you tell that it's La Ciguapa coming for you and not just some randa? La Ciguapa's feet turn backwards. She's especially bad luck for dudes, whom she tends to seduce and lure into the forest. And not for some casual smooching, either.

And, most terrifying of all...

That your mom will still reach for her chancleta.



  1. Tell us: How many of these beliefs did you grow up with?

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