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17 Reasons To Actually Love Valentine's Day

Keep your eye on the prize, people: CHOCOLATE.

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OK, everyone! It's time to STAND UP for VALENTINE'S DAY.

1. You don't NEED a day to remember the ones you love. But it's great that it exists anyway.

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It's an extra, a plus. Like whipped cream on a strawberry.

2. Because Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about romantic love!


3. Valentine's Day can be dedicated to the love shared among friends.

4. And it's a good day for parents and kids to show their love and appreciation for one another.


5. There's no reason why your pet can't be your Valentine.

6. Honestly, it's a great opportunity to just celebrate love in general!


7. It's also a fine opportunity to celebrate thirst OUT LOUD.

8. Valentine's Day is also the perfect excuse to douse everything in sparkles.

9. On Valentine's Day, you can treat your self to a date.


10. You can buy yourself chocolates! (And again the day after, when they're 50% off.)


11. Valentine's Day is the perfect excuse to indulge in champagne. (Or your soda of choice.)

12. You can eat an entire heart-shaped pizza because YOU'RE WORTH IT.

Anyone who has been in love knows that love isn't always easy....

13. So it's nice to have a day dedicated to the fun, sweet, lovely parts of love.

14. Also, let's be real. You look great in pink and red.

15. Plus, Valentine's Day cards make this holiday the best possible one for puns. That's just a fact.

16. Remember: Valentine's Day is only commercialized nonsense if you let it be.


17. This day is a chance to love LOVE! So get right to the heart of it.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

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