15 Things Latinas Are Tired Of Hearing

Please reserve “spicy” for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

First, there are all the food-related terms…

ABC / Via wordpress.com

1. Like “spicy.”

Via Page Six, Hollywood Life, Moviefone, TheFamedDriven / Via google.com

Woe to the bland Latina actress who fails to ignite a set or photo shoot in an explosion of spice and flavor.

2. Or “fiery.”

NBC / Via prisblossom.com

Like the flames consuming your belongings.

3. Or “caliente.”

Especially when it’s slurred all mispronounced-like. Flattering. Real flattering.

4. Or, lord, “Hot Tamale.”

USA Network / Via tumblr.com

Which is woefully misguided on at least two levels.

And let’s talk about the “Angry Latina” trope.

Anjelah Johnson / Via tumblr.com

5. Talk about a self-fulfilling stereotype.

Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed / Via google.com

I wasn’t angry until you chalked up my normal, universal emotional response to a stimulus to an inherent inability to control myself and my reactions. Odd how that works.

Also, why are the Latin names of plants italicized?

6. Coupled with the stereotype that we’re “loud.”

Disney / Via tumblr.com

[screams internally]

7. Or “mouthy.”

ABC / Via media.giphy.com


8. Oh, and “sassy.”

Nickelodeon / Via i.perezhilton.com

Bless your heart.

9. “Impassioned” and “passionate” are also coded words used to describe us.

ABC / Via wordpress.com

Because other women… don’t have passion? They don’t get upset or emotive? And, more often than not, it’s a “polite” way of dismissing a valid emotional response.

But don’t get it wrong: We do have passion. But it’s real passion, not a coded attempt to undermine the things that excite and motivate us.

Then there are the words used to talk about our ~*sExiNeSs*~

ABC / Via tumblr.com

10. We’re so “exotic.”

Dimension Films / Via tumblr.com

You guys have no idea.

11. Or that we’re just so “hot” and sexually available.

Do a Google image search for “Latina.” Just try it.

12. Or that we’re all “curvy.”

Universal Pictures / Via tumblr.com

We exist in literally every shape, size, and color.

13. Or that Latinas are your “type.”

Columbia Pictures / Via i.myniceprofile.com

Because we’re all so similar and interchangeable.

14. Especially if you call us “Spanish girls.”

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer / Via tumblr.com

Were you absent for… all of geography?

15. And when we’re asked to “say something sexy in Spanish”?

Warner Bros. / Via chifladazine.com

Assuming we all spoke Spanish, which we don’t, we’d probably say something like “¡Que vergüenza! Este cara de sapo realmente cree que tiene un chance conmigo.”

Basically: There is no one way to be “Latina.”

NBCUniversal / Via tumblr.com


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