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24 Things Cuban-Americans Know To Be True

No es fácil.

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1. OK, let's start things off with FOOD. You'll find it's pretty tough to find good Cuban restaurants in most cities.

Every time someone places chipotle mayo on a Cuban sandwich, an angel loses his wings while yelling "no es fácil."

2. ... And that's it's particularly impossible to find a good frita place.

My kingdom for a proper frita and a Jupiña!


5. You feel a tingle of pride whenever you see this marvelous dude.

Peter Roan / Creative Commons / Via Flickr: peterjr1961

That's revolutionary, journalist, author, and iconic mustache-haver José Martí, living it up in Central Park.

6. You need to take a moment whenever people mistakenly assume Che is Cuban.


7. People will inform that you don't "look Cuban."

Warner Bros. / Via

If a Cuban doesn't look Cuban, then what does a Cuban look like? If a Cuban falls in the forest and no one tells her she isn't really Cuban, did it ever actually happen?

8. You know that this isn't a "pastry." It's a religion.

Flaky and sweet, pastelitos de guayaba are truly transcendent.


9. You'll sometimes have to explain that Cubans in the U.S. don't *all* live in Miami.

Columbia Pictures / Via

There are particularly large Cuban communities in parts of New Jersey and California, among other places.

10. You'll deal with people's assumptions about your political beliefs, particularly when it comes to the embargo.

ABC / Via

Republican, Democrat, Independent, Tired of It All, there's no one way that any population votes.


15. ... Or that you practice Santería.

Not everyone practices it, and it's nothing like you've seen on TV and in movies.

16. You'll find that people are shocked to learn there are Cubans of Chinese descent.

Yup, Cuba was once home to a sizable Chinese population and Havana still has a Chinatown. Shown is Cuban artist Wifredo Lam, who was of Chinese and Congolese descent.


24. You exist in two worlds at once.

Fully American and fully Cuban, you might find that sometimes you feel like not enough of either. But that's OK. We're our own community with our very own identity. And that's pretty awesome.