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Poll: What Do You Traditionally Eat For Christmas?

'Tis the season for elastic-waist pants.


What do you usually eat for your special Christmas meal?

Whether your big meal is a fancy Christmas Eve dinner or a special Christmas lunch or an informal Christmas snacking-all-day, we're curious about what's on your plate.

So tell us: what will you be eating this Christmas?

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(And can we have some?)

  1. What do you eat for Christmas dinner?

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What do you eat for Christmas dinner?
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    Turkey with all the fixin's.
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    Ham. Sweet, sweet ham.
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    A goose so beautiful, it'll make you weep.
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    Fish, and then more fish. With a side of fish.
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    If it's Christmas Eve, it's got to be pork.
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    Whatever the Chinese restaurant down the street is serving!
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    Tamales. So many beautiful tamales.
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    Pizza. The answer is always pizza.
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    My feelings.
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    Something not on this list that I'll tell you about in the comments!

Ok, off to eat everything in sight.

Warner Bros. Television Distribution / ABC
Warner Bros. Television Distribution / ABC

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