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    23 Times Larry David Made Perfect Sense

    He's pretty pretty pretty good.

    1. When he perfectly described the dating scene.

    2. When he taught us how to apologize.

    3. When he said exactly what we are all thinking when in a public space.

    4. When he asked the important questions.

    5. And when he asked this question, which was all too real.

    6. When he summed up his approach to conversations.

    7. When he threw down some serious truth about tattle tales.

    8. When he acted like the superhero society needs and deserves.

    9. When he gave us lessons on handling social situations.

    10. When he had one thing on his mind.

    11. When he tried his best to make this world a better, less chatty place.

    12. When he got way, way too real about canceled plans.

    13. When he was brutally honest.

    14. When he warded off catcalls.

    15. When he tried to be a good person, but was too lazy.

    16. When he wasn't afraid to say how it is.

    17. When he didn't give a fuck about sports because he was tired.

    18. When he was open and honest about his sex life.

    19. When he showed us how real people order their morning coffee.

    20. When he gave us squad goals.

    21. When he openly judged and made no apologies.

    22. When he got really comfortable.

    23. And when he taught us how to say a proper goodbye.