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    24 Times Tim Curry Was The Very Most

    I see you shiver with antici...

    1. When he was a breathtaking man of the cloth for a hot minute during The Rocky Horror Picture Show

    2. When he was literally too hot to handle in Legend.

    3. When The Worst Witch happened.

    4. When you wanted to live in his glorious mane.

    5. When he undersold this role, tbh.

    6. When he and his curls played a DJ in Times Square.

    7. When you wanted that robe.

    8. When he wore the everloving hell out of some leopard print.


    10. When he rocked a V-neck sweater in The Shout.

    11. When he sang like this in The Rock Follies of '77.

    12. When this random act of jauntyness happened.

    13. When he was in Home Alone 2, making a cravat work like it was three months late on its rent.

    14. When these suspenders happened on the set of Annie and it was fantastic.

    15. When not even a gaggle of muppets could distract from his elegance and artistry in Muppet Treasure Island.

    16. When his turn as the butler in Clue made you envy a broom in.

    17. ...And when you noticed his eyelashes are like beautifully opulent curtains framing the windows to his soul.

    Ok, now on to the part you're all here for...

    18. When he was a child-eating, shapeshifting nightmare clown in It.


    19. When he was...

    20. ...utterly

    21. ...completely

    22. ...totally

    23. ...frighteningly

    24. PERFECT.

    We love you, Tim Curry. ♥