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    If The Cast Of "Friends" Were Cats

    Could they BE any more cat?

    Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed

    A very neat cat with a particular palate, Meownica is often seen cleaning her paws and avoiding most store-bought cat foods. Her cat tower is unrealistically expensive, but hey. She inherited it from her Grandmew.

    Notable episodes:

    - The One Where Grandmew Dies Twice

    - The One Where Meownica Dates A Rich Calico

    - The One With The Kittens

    Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed

    Rachausie is a a very fancy breed of cat, popular for their layered fur, and tends to be quite finicky. She enjoys wearing designer cat fashion and reading the latest issue of Cat Fancy as she lounges in a sunny spot.

    Notable episodes:

    - The One Where Rachausie Finds Out

    - The One Where Mrrrowss And Rachausie Take A Break

    - The One Where Rachausie Wears A Princess Leia Costume Even Though She Is A Cat

    Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed

    Phurbe, once a stray, now lives in a loving home where she partakes in much catnip on a regular basis. She's a very vocal cat and often performs her hit song, "Smelly Man." "Smelly man / smelly man / brrring me a tuna can."

    Notable episodes:

    - The One With The Whole Litter Of Kittens

    - The One With Purrsula

    - The One With Phurbe's Fursband

    Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed

    A nervous cat who is often misunderstood, Mrrrowss enjoys sandwiches and Rachausie. He has a bit of a temper and socialization issues and, as such, must be put on breaks to calm down.

    Notable episodes:

    - The One With The Sandwich

    - The One With A Monkey, Which Is Very Dangerous Because Cats Should Not Be Around Monkeys Unsupervised

    - The One Where Mrrrowss Is Neutered And Spayed

    Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed

    Could he BE any more adorable? Chandpurr is a funny little cat who loves to entertain, although no one is too sure about what it is he does all day.

    Notable episodes:

    - The One With Chandpurr In A Litter Box

    - The One With Chandpurr's Work Mew

    - The One Where Everycat Finds Out

    Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed

    Snowy is a very vocal cat with an extremely hearty appetite and inherent need to perform. He's a curious sort, always trying to see how you're doing.

    Notable episodes:

    - The One Where Snowy Eats A Lot And Vomits In Your Boot

    - The One Where Snowy Is Tangled In A Ball Of Yarn

    - The One Where Snowy Is Still Tangled In A Ball Of Yarn

    What a purrfect show.

    Alex Alvarez / BuzzFeed

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