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    21 Disney GIFs That'll Ruin Your Whole Entire Childhood

    Goodbye, innocence.

    1. When Pocahontas had one thing on her mind:

    2. When the D had Aurora like:

    3. When you realize why Disney movies aren't more realistic:

    4. When Cinderella was just, like, "KK":

    5. When Ariel visited the combination Pizza Hut/Taco Bell:

    6. When you've heard "LET IT GOOO" jokes too many times:

    7. When no one grotesquely twirls like Gaston:

    8. When you realize not all crossover ideas work:

    9. When Cinderella honestly should've known better than to trust a stranger who claimed to know magic:

    10. When Ariel experiences her very first foot cramp:


    12. ...AND THIS?! OH NOOOO:

    13. When you realized that the Fairy Godmother REALLY liked wands:

    14. When Ariel finally came out of her shell(s):

    15. When Bambi and Thumper needed an adult:

    16. When Nemo would've been better left lost:

    17. When Pocahontas didn't have time for you or the boat you sailed in on:

    18. When shit happens:

    19. When that's just how the ciiiiiircle of life works:

    20. When Lady should've looked both ways before eating spaghetti:

    21. And finally, when this iconic moment was just so very moving: