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A Ranking Of Tim Burton's Most Magical Scenes

Have you noticed the man loves a magically fabulous dance scene? And Johnny Depp, obviously.

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We'll rank 'em for you...


...from dolls on fire to the very height of Tim Burton's work.

(And if you want to see more of his earlier stuff, you can do that here and here and also here.)

Let's get to it!


24. Alice in Wonderland: The croquet scene.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Via

I will admit that I wish this movie could have stuck to the original and relied much, much less on CGI. THAT SAID... Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen was an inspired choice. And who doesn't love a flamingo?

23. Frankenweenie (2012): "I want him here..."

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / Via

This stop-motion remake of Tim Burton's original short film follows a young boy, Victor, (you'll note as we go on that Burton is a pretty big fan of this name) as he successfully reanimates his recently deceased dog. If you've ever lost a pet, his sadness will resonate.

20. Sleepy Hollow: The death of the Hessian soldier.

Paramount Pictures / Via

A lot of people can do scary, but to make something scary that also comes across as sad and darkly funny and weirdly, disquietingly beautiful? Plus Christopher Walken.


17. Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: "And what did Santa bring you, honey?"

Buena Vista Pictures / Via

This LITERALLY PERFECT movie was not directed by Tim Burton, but is nonetheless his creation, based on his story and illustrations. And this fun sequence, in which a child's parents ask to see what he's gotten for Christmas, is Burton's work in a nutshell.


9. Vincent: The whole thing.

Buena Vista Pictures / Via

Vincent is a short about a young boy who believes he is Vincent Price, and you should watch the whole thing right now, letting both the darkness and the voice of Vincent Price take hold of you.


1. Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas: Opening sequence

Buena Vista Pictures / Via

A perfect movie moment: fun, eerie, sweet (that wind blowing through Sally's hair!), inventive, all set to a fantastic song by Danny Elfman, a frequent Burton collaborator and genius in his own right. Perfeeeect.

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