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    15 Tweets About Just How Down Bad Cassie From "Euphoria" Is Over Nate Jacobs

    Cassie is SPIRALING.

    🚨🚨🚨 Euphoria spoilers ahead. 🚨🚨🚨

    Whether you watch HBO's Euphoria or not, I'm sure you've seen Cassie Howard's name all over your timeline. Her character, masterfully played by actor Sydney Sweeney, is synonymous with the phrase "I just want to be loved," and the person who has unfortunately captured her heart is evil incarnate, Nate Jacobs.

    Sydney Sweeney at the premiere of Euphoria

    Instead of swooning, Cassie seems to be spiraling over Nate, who doesn't exactly return her level of affection. Without saying too much, here are fans' reactions to Cassie's borderline obsession and the ongoing sad display of her affection:


    Cassie was LITERALLY crying and throwing up 😟 #Euphoria

    Twitter: @cutiethiccckums / Via Twitter: @cutiethiccckums


    Cassie as soon she heard Maddie say Nate wanted to have babies with her #Euphoria #EuphoriaHBOMax

    Twitter: @ConteBruh / Via Twitter: @ConteBruh


    Nate Jacobs be doing Cassie like Joker do Harley Quinn. Generational character.

    Twitter: @totaltroutmove / Via Twitter: @totaltroutmove


    Cassie after Nate showed up #Euphoria #EuphoriaHBO

    Twitter: @aerepolia / Via Twitter: @aerepolia


    Nate and Cassie at his house arguing about who betrayed Maddy more #Euphoria

    Twitter: @Hannahhx009 / Via @Hannahhx009


    Cassie’s arc is actually good because she’s carrying on a long legacy of girls embarrassing themselves

    Twitter: @olsencassidy / Via Twitter: @olsencassidy


    I’m crying this is literally Nate and Cassie in Euphoria

    Twitter: @thereidfeed / Via Twitter: @thereidfeed


    Twitter: @DeeHaye_ / Via Twitter: @DeeHaye_


    Maddy is a bad bitch and Nate still fucked her up, Cassie doesn’t stand a chance

    Twitter: @commedefleurr / Via Twitter: @commedefleurr


    Cassie is EMBARRASSING. STAND UP GIRL. #Euphoria

    Twitter: @Oloni / Via Twitter: @Oloni


    Nate: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU Cassie: 😜

    Twitter: @thereidfeed / Via Twitter: @thereidfeed


    cassie would kick it with a squirrel if it gave her attention

    Twitter: @ufobri / Via Twitter: @ufobri


    @ooceuphoria Bruh my heart hurts for Cassie she’s always seeking male validation and it’s fucking with her head

    Twitter: @kamy_kw / Via Twitter: @kamy_kw


    cassie’s lil smile when she says “okay… bye 🥰” to nate lmaooo whew crazy water sign energy

    Twitter: @IvyKungu / Via Twitter: @IvyKungu


    after today’s euphoria episode i’ve realized i am a maddy and not a cassie

    Twitter: @tanamongeau / Via Twitter: @tanamongeau

    If you watch Euphoria, tell us what you think about Cassie's... the comments. Plus, any predictions for the season!