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    15 Heartbreaking Videos Of The Damage Left By Hurricane Ida And The Homes Left Behind

    "Day 1 after Hurricane Ida destroyed my house."

    This week, New York City, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Maryland experienced record-breaking rain and flooding caused by Hurricane Ida. In its wake, the storm has knocked out power in New Orleans, toppled over homes, and caused the deaths of 45 people.

    Satellite images shared by NASA show the widespread loss of electricity around metro New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane #Ida. #LAwx #NOLA

    Twitter: @SteveWAFB / Via Twitter: @SteveWAFB

    As residents begin picking up their lives, they're sharing videos of the damage Ida left behind:

    1. Neighbors have come together, offering compassion in the form of coffee runs across a street covered by waist-deep water:

    TikTok: @pennypoundspablovich / Via

    2. Others are assessing their garages, where cars have been found floating:

    TikTok: @blairelise / Via

    3. Hallways mirror scenes from Titanic:

    TikTok: @elliepotischman / Via

    4. And entire roofs are missing:

    TikTok: @noah_forbes / Via

    5. During the rain, water flooded through low-level windows:

    TikTok: @venturaemely22 / Via

    6. Some tried to catch as much as they could with buckets, trash bins, and last-minute tools:

    TikTok: @theprincemula / Via

    7. "I wonder if I'd get electrocuted," one TikTok user questioned as they observed a cord plugged into their submerged outlet:


    these are the only thoughts i have every time this happens😀 #hurricaneida #flood #flashflood #indoorpool

    ♬ inna fast food restaurant - A🤍
    TikTok: @soju.queen / Via

    8. "The bathroom flooded, everything – this is ridiculous," another user pointed out as they waded through their house:

    TikTok: @therealjayluis / Via

    9. To combat flooding, residents tried to use sump pumps, which are designed to move water from inside the home to out. But they did not always work:

    TikTok: @gamersheavenandrew / Via

    10. The overflow was overwhelming and, in some locations, it was hard for residents to shut their doors against the strain:

    TikTok: @shattering_bliss / Via

    11. Entire homes were also knocked down by the storm:


    It’s nowhere’s to be found 😢 #hurricaneida

    ♬ original sound - BIKELIFEM3RK
    TikTok: @bikelifem3rk / Via

    12. Apartment buildings weren't always safe either:

    TikTok: @ysimkha / Via

    13. And just last night, a tornado ravaged through New Jersey, leaving homes damaged, destroyed, or with windows blown out:


    So glad you’re alright Mark Kobylinksi! Watch this INTENSE footage of being hit by a tornado. #ArmaniMyWay #foryou #fy #foryoupage #weather

    ♬ original sound - Zachary Hall
    TikTok: @wxzachary / Via

    14. Water seemed like it was coming from everywhere – finding any way inside:

    TikTok: @chestfarts / Via

    15. And now it's time to pickup the pieces:


    Reply to @roxieewil Currently at my childhood home. We’re still safe and have power. I’m just a bit shaken up 💜 #roxsaiddat #hurricaneida #nola

    ♬ original sound - Tee Rox | Social Media Lady 💜
    TikTok: @roxieewil / Via

    To help those affected, you can donate to GlobalGiving's Hurricane Ida Relief Fund.

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