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    Historic Building Collapses In New Orleans, And 16 Other Shocking Photos Of Hurricane Ida

    Hundreds of thousands of residents in New Orleans are without power.

    On Sunday — the 16th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina — Hurricane Ida made landfall on New Orleans.

    A satellite image shows Hurricane Ida in the Gulf of Mexico and approaching the coast of Louisiana

    1. The Category 4 storm destroyed buildings, caused 911 power outages, knocked over trees, and led to the confirmed death of one person.

    Vehicles driving in Louisiana after Hurricane Ida made landfall

    2. Before making landfall, the National Hurricane Center warned of a storm surge — an abnormally high water rise — that could reach 10 to 15 feet above ground level.

    A man takes pictures of high waves along the shore of Lake Pontchartrain as Hurricane Ida nears

    3. To help prevent flood damage, sandbags were placed in Montegut, Louisiana.

    Rain comes down at a wall of sandbags in Montegut, Louisiana before Hurricane Ida lands

    4. As the storm picked up, winds reached a speed of 150 mph and blew off the roof of a building in the famed French Quarter.

    A man passes by a section of roof that was blown off of a building in the French Quarter by Hurricane Ida winds

    5. And utility workers fought against the wind's strength as they waited for the storm to pass before continuing repairs.

    A utility worker walks against the blowing wind

    6. The area began to flood, covering neighborhoods and their streets with water.

    Flood waters near the top of a stop sign

    7. A video taken in Grand Isle, Louisiana illustrates the power of both the winds and rushing water as the storm ripped its way inside a home.

    Near the point of Ida’s landfall late this morning at Grand Isle LA… video from Christie Angelette

    Twitter: @spann / Via Twitter: @spann

    8. Residents abandoned cars in the street. One was half submerged in a ditch next to the highway:

    An abandoned vehicle is half submerged in a ditch next to a near-flooded highway

    9. The former Karnofsky Store where jazz musician Louis Armstrong got his start collapsed as Ida battered New Orleans.

    This is why I took before photos. Building got wiped out by #Ida #NOLA

    Twitter: @OfficialJoelF / Via Twitter: @OfficialJoelF

    10. Here's what the building, which is on the National Register of Historic Places, looked like before:

    And here's what it looked like mid-storm:

    11. As a result of Ida's intensity, all eight of the transmission lines that power New Orleans were out of service, leaving much of the city dark and dependent on generators.

    Downtown buildings relying on generator power are seen as the entire city of New Orleans is without power in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida

    12. Hundreds of thousands of residents expect to be without power for the next few days until it can be restored to the city.

    A man walks down Bourbon Street after the city lost power in the aftermath Hurricane Ida

    13. In the aftermath of the storm, residents across Louisiana inspected the damage left by Ida.

    Michelle Washington and her sons Kendrick and Kayden check out damage to their home in the aftermath of Hurricane Ida

    14. Now, the cleanup process begins.

    Firefighters cut through trees on the road

    15. About 4,900 members of the Louisiana National Guard have set out to assess the damage and aid in search efforts.

    Fire chief walks back to his fire truck in the rain as firefighters cut through trees on the road in Bourg, Louisiana, as Hurricane Ida passes

    16. Firefighters, police officers, volunteers, helicopters...

    Police detective looks over debris from a building that collapsed during Hurricane Ida in New Orleans

    17. ...and residents alike are helping restore the city.

    A man cleans up damaged street signs in Louisiana

    To help those affected, you can donate to GlobalGiving's Hurricane Ida Relief Fund.