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    23 Things You Know Are True If You're About To Be A Senior In College

    These are the days of our lives.

    1. Senior year is finally here and you couldn't be more excited to finally be done with school.

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    "Can't wait to not pay an arm and a leg for books."

    2. You buy a couple of notebooks and a pack of pens to start off the semester.

    "Honestly, when will I use these? I take my laptop to class."

    3. You contemplate your outfit choices for the first day of class.

    "Tbh, I just want to wear sweatpants but should I at least try to look put-together?"

    4. You're already used to the workload, so you feel pretty good about your studying habits.


    5. And you're an expert at balancing your social schedule at this point.

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    6. Freshmen look like babies to you.

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    7. You have impromptu nights out with your friends...

    You actually have the club going up on a Tuesday.

    8. ...or nights in where you proceed to get nostalgic about some dramatic drunken night from two years ago.


    "Wow, that was so long ago, I miss those days."

    9. You have your favorite going-out places picked out and probably know the bouncer or bartender there.

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    10. You also know the best places for late-night food, most importantly the ones that deliver.

    They Odyssey Online

    11. You know better than to sign up for an 8 a.m. or a Friday class.

    12. And you completely dread dragging yourself to that class you were forced to sign up for because you need the credit.


    13. You try to attend as many school events as possible because you know your time there is almost up.

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    14. You start to panic as graduation day nears.

    "Oh, so I actually have to be responsible for myself now."

    15. You contemplate applying to grad school.


    *Let's extend this whole school thing for as long as possible*

    16. Or you start preparing for life in the real world.

    Her Campus

    *Sends out 100 job applications*

    17. You begin to realize that job searching is tedious AF.

    The CW

    18. You get wiped out from schoolwork, your social life, and the full-time job that is searching for a full-time job.

    Props if you're already holding down a job or internship.

    19. You get so busy that you start to live vicariously through your friends' lives.


    20. You start to really stress out and then get that pep talk from a loved one telling you you'll be okay out there.


    We all go through it.

    21. You plan out your graduation day.

    *Googles grad cap ideas*

    22. And thank everyone that served as your support system.

    ~Major props if that support system was all you~

    23. Finally, you look back in gratitude at the emotional rollercoaster ride that got you there.


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