Literally Just 22 Animal Tweets That Are Adorable, Hilarious, Wholesome, And Good

    It is NEVER a bad time for animal tweets.

    1. This puppy learning how to bark:

    2. This horse appreciating the masterful work of Fleetwood Mac:

    I think about this horse dancing to Fleetwood Mac at least 5 times a day

    3. This dog that smelled trouble:

    good boy doesn't let a fight break out 😀👌

    4. A quick cat nap:

    There's physics and there's cat physics 😁😀

    5. And an unusual pillow choice for a puppy:

    6. This dog that knows its in trouble:

    Heard a big ass crash in my bedroom....

    7. And one with no regrets:

    8. This frog that was feeling the summer heat:

    It was too hot outside so we offered him a cold drink. He went for a full body soak instead 🐸

    9. A dog with a curious infatuation with the carpet:

    "My dog became a shark when I bought new carpet."

    10. This officer helping a flock of ducklings cross the road:

    Officer safely getting a duck and her ducklings across the tram tracks 👏

    11. A star excited to watch themselves perform on TV:

    Bless this doggo watching herself win a contest 🙏

    12. This dog's reaction to smelling something unpleasant:

    This dog sniffing Durian is my favorite thing I've seen today

    13. And this cat's hilarious reaction to a bad smell:

    I told my cat she wasn’t gonna like this salt and vinegar chip but she didn’t listen to me smh SHE GAGGED

    14. This bud arriving for a play date with their best friend:

    Remember when you were a kid and you would walk to your friend’s house and see if they could come out and play... well my neighbor’s dog does that and I love it.

    15. This dog that is straight up judging your choices:

    My dog just posts up like he’s in the club judging ppl

    16. This adorable bunny playing with leaves:

    17. An adorable pair of best friends enjoying a nap:

    18. This interaction:

    19. This accidental Google street view:

    20. This cute reaction:

    i posted it on snapchat already but twitter deserves this video of Lilo 😂😂

    21. These pets behaving badly:

    Why can’t i have one normal day without either of my pets being on crack

    22. And finally, this hero:

    This is Todd. He saved his human from a rattlesnake yesterday. A true h*ckin hero. He’s expected to make a full recovery and has been rewarded our fifth ever 15/10

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